October 2011

The topic of this post is not incorrect. I’ve recently recalled my experience from last year that my family and I fled from flooded Bangkok to stay at my grandma’s home in Chonburi. While I am sitting here in my bedroom; typing this post; I, myself in 2011 were sleeping together with my parents in the foyer of grandma’s house.

When I think about that one month away from our flooded home. It was so surreal. But, it had happened and all of the feelings (related to that situation) are sometimes back to me. How terrified when I saw the mud-color water flew along the canal located near our home area. How hard I had to deal with remote working (Thanks the Internet and my company to allow me remotely did my job). How uncomfortable we sometimes felt as we weren’t at our own home. How sad when I firstly got back to look at our home. It was the time I realized that water (or disaster like this) can do anything to us.

And when I saw the photos of NYC and neighborhood hit by Sandy, I knew these two situations may not be the same. However, they still remind me of Thailand’s situation last year. It seems to exaggerate, but I think I can understand the feeling of those who got the impact from the power of water which this time included the power of Super Storm. 

It is also quite unbelievable that I have just been there in April 2012. Where I had chances to see my 1st broadway show, to visit MET and Hyde Park, to eat 1-2 dollars hot dog, to go shopping, to ride the subway, to look at the statue of Liberty, or to take a photo of the NYC yellow cab.



— My heart is with all of you —

How sleep works

How sleep works

Everybody has the same 24 hours per day. Yep, I won’t argue with that fact. But, right now I have around 2 hours left for today and these hours are accumulated with 5 hours tomorrow. I should have maximum 7 sleep hours. That’s the reason for this short post. :P

why do we need to sleep?

What we all know is that, with a good night’s sleep, everything looks and feels better in the morning. Both the brain and the body are refreshed and ready for a new day. from How sleep works

So, see you tomorrow with my brighter brain and body! – I hope so ;)

The Ballad of Love and Hate

I recently listen to the 7th full-length album of The Avett Brothers named ‘The Carpenter’, which I like it. Their new album led me back to the 1st time that I knew this band by getting a chance to listen to their 5th album;Emotionalism, released in 2007.

There is one song from the 5th album that once in a while wander through my thought; “The Ballad of Love and Hate”. I think its lyrics are beautifully written. It contains the true nature of the contrast between Love and Hate. The two opposite ideas that shouldn’t be together but the Avett Brothers truly proves that the Ballad of Love and Hate can create such a meaningful story like this.

Should we lower our High expectations?

Have you ever set high expectations towards certain situations, things or even person? And when those cannot meet our expectation, how much do they affect our feeling? The impacts may bother us a little, but sometimes they can cause our emotion to fall into the bottom of the pit. I think that this kind of event likely happens to us in everyday life; from the ordinary situations to the more serious happening in our lives. I’d like to give two examples:

  • * First example: My mom had expected to eat fresh seafood at our regular restaurant when we went to Chonburi (this province is famous for Pattaya and Bang Saen). However, it turned out that our usual menus were not fresh as my mom’s expectation. She has been complaining about this matter from that moment until now (almost one week). Others in our family ate at that place, we also thought that the dishes were not fresh as they should be; nevertheless, we haven’t been thinking of that anymore. The reason that my mom doesn’t let go the feeling of disappointment because she had a high expectation for that certain meal. And when the actual situation couldn’t meet her expectation. It affected her feeling more than ours as we didn’t set any expectation.


  • * Second example: When I got a chance Imageto visit London and Paris. I’ve read some guide books for London which I expected to meet the lively cute atmosphere there. However, the city didn’t have the vibe that I was looking forward to touching. On the contrary, I hadn’t set any expectation for Paris; therefore, I thought that this city was quite interesting and it would be good  if I have a chance to go back there. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that Paris is better than London (or vice versa) but as I set the high expectation for London so it’s easier to get disappointment from it than Paris.



So what can we do for these kinds of situation? Should we stop setting our expectations? I don’t think so as the appropriate level of expectations can keep us excited or enthusiastic to do something, meet someone, or go some places. However, we should keep in mind that we cannot be certain in anything. We can get disappointed but don’t let that feeling to drag us down. Ok, if you want to feel down, we can sink into the bottom of the emotion pool for 2-3 hours or even a day or two. But don’t let it eat you alive!

And if I ask myself now that “Will I visit London again?” “Of course, and this time I will look at the city as it is, not as my high expectation”  :)

Garlic and Thai chili

Today I helped my mom to prepare our breakfast which were fried fish and salad. She asked me to help her peel, slice and chop 8 bulbs of garlic. As Thai, I think we’d like to have a cup or two of seasoning sauce to flavor our meal. That’s why I had to take care of garlic and Thai chili (or we call in Thai ‘phrik khi nu’), although we had already had fish coated with Cajun seasoning (I brought one bottle back home from the US).

Every time I help my mom to prepare our meal, I always think that Thai dishes take quite a lot of processes to be ready to eat. Like this time that I had to peel each bulb of garlic which I didn’t enjoy the activity that much. I’m quite afraid of getting the cut because I’m still not good at using a small knife to strip off a thin outer layer of garlic cloves. After completing this step, I washed the naked garlic and use a bigger knife to slice and chop them as my mom told me how to do it.

That was the process of garlic preparation. Let’s move on to the Thai chili. I needed to pull a stem of each chili and cut it one by one. This was not as hard as the garlic one; however, I had to be aware of the hotness of this chili and remind myself not to put my fingers over my eyes.

It took around 20 minutes for me to prepare all of the above items only for the seasoning sauce. Despite of washing my hands twice or three times with soap, I still couldn’t get rid of not only the sting from the spiciness of seeds in Thai chili but also the smell of garlic on my left hand.

This post seems that I am complaining about this activity which I accept that I am nagging. :P Nonetheless, I think all of those steps were worth doing because we truly enjoyed our breakfast  as the garlic and chili really made our fried fish more tasty.

Being Thai, I believe that garlic, chili as well as fish sauce or any seasoning sauce are necessary in our meal. ;)

Have a great weekend :)

This week, our office in Thailand had a foreign visitor who happened to be our boss’s boss ;) Some of my co-workers and I had a chance to have lunch with him today.

At the lunch table, while my brain was busy trying to find the topics to talk with him, one of my colleague just asked him about the US election! I was kind of “Oh, my friend was so hardcore, talking politic with our boss’s boss” (Taboo topics such as Politic, Believe and Religion) However, he finely gave an answer so I added up the other questions to keep up the conversation. After that, I asked him the other general topics.

From this experience, I thought to myself that it was quite difficult to initiate small talk but it was harder when I had to make small talk in English. Nevertheless, when we were back to our office and my team had another meeting with him. I had to update my tasks status and I could easily speak without any preparation before. I therefore realized that English language may not be the issue, but perhaps I am not that good at the light conversation/chit chat.

In the evening, he and I walked past each other. We exchanged our smile faces without any words. During my journey back home, I thought to myself – what a pity, I should say something to him like ‘Have a great weekend’ or ‘Have a safe trip’. – But I couldn’t think of any phrase at that time.

Hopefully, next time I will not forget to say that kind of words to our foreign visitors. (If today is Friday) something like …

“Have a great weekend”  :)

Where the tag line came from?

when i’m like this
how can you be smiling and singing
how can you be sure?
i don’t want you anymore
i don’t want you
i don’t want you
i don’t want you anymore

Radiohead – How can you be sure? (The Bends – Japan version)