Have a great weekend :)

This week, our office in Thailand had a foreign visitor who happened to be our boss’s boss ;) Some of my co-workers and I had a chance to have lunch with him today.

At the lunch table, while my brain was busy trying to find the topics to talk with him, one of my colleague just asked him about the US election! I was kind of “Oh, my friend was so hardcore, talking politic with our boss’s boss” (Taboo topics such as Politic, Believe and Religion) However, he finely gave an answer so I added up the other questions to keep up the conversation. After that, I asked him the other general topics.

From this experience, I thought to myself that it was quite difficult to initiate small talk but it was harder when I had to make small talk in English. Nevertheless, when we were back to our office and my team had another meeting with him. I had to update my tasks status and I could easily speak without any preparation before. I therefore realized that English language may not be the issue, but perhaps I am not that good at the light conversation/chit chat.

In the evening, he and I walked past each other. We exchanged our smile faces without any words. During my journey back home, I thought to myself – what a pity, I should say something to him like ‘Have a great weekend’ or ‘Have a safe trip’. – But I couldn’t think of any phrase at that time.

Hopefully, next time I will not forget to say that kind of words to our foreign visitors. (If today is Friday) something like …

“Have a great weekend”  :)

Where the tag line came from?

when i’m like this
how can you be smiling and singing
how can you be sure?
i don’t want you anymore
i don’t want you
i don’t want you
i don’t want you anymore

Radiohead – How can you be sure? (The Bends – Japan version)