Garlic and Thai chili

Today I helped my mom to prepare our breakfast which were fried fish and salad. She asked me to help her peel, slice and chop 8 bulbs of garlic. As Thai, I think we’d like to have a cup or two of seasoning sauce to flavor our meal. That’s why I had to take care of garlic and Thai chili (or we call in Thai ‘phrik khi nu’), although we had already had fish coated with Cajun seasoning (I brought one bottle back home from the US).

Every time I help my mom to prepare our meal, I always think that Thai dishes take quite a lot of processes to be ready to eat. Like this time that I had to peel each bulb of garlic which I didn’t enjoy the activity that much. I’m quite afraid of getting the cut because I’m still not good at using a small knife to strip off a thin outer layer of garlic cloves. After completing this step, I washed the naked garlic and use a bigger knife to slice and chop them as my mom told me how to do it.

That was the process of garlic preparation. Let’s move on to the Thai chili. I needed to pull a stem of each chili and cut it one by one. This was not as hard as the garlic one; however, I had to be aware of the hotness of this chili and remind myself not to put my fingers over my eyes.

It took around 20 minutes for me to prepare all of the above items only for the seasoning sauce. Despite of washing my hands twice or three times with soap, I still couldn’t get rid of not only the sting from the spiciness of seeds in Thai chili but also the smell of garlic on my left hand.

This post seems that I am complaining about this activity which I accept that I am nagging. :P Nonetheless, I think all of those steps were worth doing because we truly enjoyed our breakfast  as the garlic and chili really made our fried fish more tasty.

Being Thai, I believe that garlic, chili as well as fish sauce or any seasoning sauce are necessary in our meal. ;)

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