Should we lower our High expectations?

Have you ever set high expectations towards certain situations, things or even person? And when those cannot meet our expectation, how much do they affect our feeling? The impacts may bother us a little, but sometimes they can cause our emotion to fall into the bottom of the pit. I think that this kind of event likely happens to us in everyday life; from the ordinary situations to the more serious happening in our lives. I’d like to give two examples:

  • * First example: My mom had expected to eat fresh seafood at our regular restaurant when we went to Chonburi (this province is famous for Pattaya and Bang Saen). However, it turned out that our usual menus were not fresh as my mom’s expectation. She has been complaining about this matter from that moment until now (almost one week). Others in our family ate at that place, we also thought that the dishes were not fresh as they should be; nevertheless, we haven’t been thinking of that anymore. The reason that my mom doesn’t let go the feeling of disappointment because she had a high expectation for that certain meal. And when the actual situation couldn’t meet her expectation. It affected her feeling more than ours as we didn’t set any expectation.


  • * Second example: When I got a chance Imageto visit London and Paris. I’ve read some guide books for London which I expected to meet the lively cute atmosphere there. However, the city didn’t have the vibe that I was looking forward to touching. On the contrary, I hadn’t set any expectation for Paris; therefore, I thought that this city was quite interesting and it would be good  if I have a chance to go back there. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that Paris is better than London (or vice versa) but as I set the high expectation for London so it’s easier to get disappointment from it than Paris.



So what can we do for these kinds of situation? Should we stop setting our expectations? I don’t think so as the appropriate level of expectations can keep us excited or enthusiastic to do something, meet someone, or go some places. However, we should keep in mind that we cannot be certain in anything. We can get disappointed but don’t let that feeling to drag us down. Ok, if you want to feel down, we can sink into the bottom of the emotion pool for 2-3 hours or even a day or two. But don’t let it eat you alive!

And if I ask myself now that “Will I visit London again?” “Of course, and this time I will look at the city as it is, not as my high expectation”  :)