October 2011

The topic of this post is not incorrect. I’ve recently recalled my experience from last year that my family and I fled from flooded Bangkok to stay at my grandma’s home in Chonburi. While I am sitting here in my bedroom; typing this post; I, myself in 2011 were sleeping together with my parents in the foyer of grandma’s house.

When I think about that one month away from our flooded home. It was so surreal. But, it had happened and all of the feelings (related to that situation) are sometimes back to me. How terrified when I saw the mud-color water flew along the canal located near our home area. How hard I had to deal with remote working (Thanks the Internet and my company to allow me remotely did my job). How uncomfortable we sometimes felt as we weren’t at our own home. How sad when I firstly got back to look at our home. It was the time I realized that water (or disaster like this) can do anything to us.

And when I saw the photos of NYC and neighborhood hit by Sandy, I knew these two situations may not be the same. However, they still remind me of Thailand’s situation last year. It seems to exaggerate, but I think I can understand the feeling of those who got the impact from the power of water which this time included the power of Super Storm. 

It is also quite unbelievable that I have just been there in April 2012. Where I had chances to see my 1st broadway show, to visit MET and Hyde Park, to eat 1-2 dollars hot dog, to go shopping, to ride the subway, to look at the statue of Liberty, or to take a photo of the NYC yellow cab.



— My heart is with all of you —