Color and political believes

Here in Thailand where the shirt color can stand for the political believes, it has started from yellow to red as well as blue or even mix of colors. Any political demonstrations may look powerful by a group of people wearing the same color shirts (or mix?). Citizen in the democratic countries should be able to have dissimilar political standpoints without truly hating each other so much. But, it may be impossible in my own country.

Why do I think like that? Today I just came across the story of a group of Thai travelers. The writer posted photos of backpacks. One photo showed two red backpacks with caption stating that color doesn’t hint anything. Actually, I didn’t think of anything when I saw that photo. However, as the caption pointed out to the implication of red color so it just led me to think of politics. Why does color of bags so matter? Why did they have to give an excuse for the color of knapsacks? Would someone look at the color and assume something about owners? I may be able to understand if they want to give a reason for shirt color, but those were bags!?! Are we now living in the society that we have to give an excuse for our own bag color? It’s getting scarier for me. In deep down, it seems that our political differences are difficult to compromise.

Actually, We may forget that color is the result of the different wavelength in visible light. The basic colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue or violet, derive from the spectrum of light. Color has been here since the first shade of light on Earth. Human beings came later. No need to talk about any political causes.

I myself think that color is just color. We should freely wear clothes in our favorite colors. I like vivid colors; therefore, I have clothes in red, yellow, pink, light blue, green, purple, and etc. I also have the red backpack which I really like it and I don’t care to use it. If someone think that they can know what my political standpoint is by only looking at my bag color, let them do that. I just don’t care.

Moreover, I think it’s cool to wear a yellow suit driving the red Benz SLK 200 ;) (PSY – Gangnam Style)


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