During weekday, I have to drive back and forth between my home and office which takes around 110 Kilometers (68 Miles) round trip. To avoid traffic jams in my neighborhood, I need to leave home not later than 5:45 AM. As a result, I always see the rising sun as my office is located in nearby province which is the southeast to Bangkok. It seems that I drive into the Sun every working day. Each day has its own version of dawn; some is so stunning, some is just alright.

Usually, it’s hard to take photos while driving which we shouldn’t do that anyway. However, I could take the above photo because there was the accident on the highway so I got stuck in the traffic jam. I noticed that the Sun has already risen above the horizontal line, where it was trying to shine through the clouds or some smoke. It took about 30 minutes to move past the area of the accident. The Sun already changed its position while I was driving to my destination.

It was another day of my life.


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