Surprised Snapshots

Today morning I read this article shared by a friend on my Facebook wall. It was the story of Thai photographer (Benz Thanachart) who snaps surprised looks of MRT subway commuters reacted to his shouting words; corn, fried egg, crocodile, Tokyo tower, and etc.

Actually, I’ve seen one of his photos before. But, at that time I thought of it as an advertisement to draw people’s attention. I’ve just known how and why that photo was taken from reading the article. I think I can understand his reason since I also have the similar thoughts, which most of us are in our own world by using phones or tablets, while taking subway (MRT) or sky train (BTS) in Bangkok. For me, I’m indifferent to this behavior as far as it doesn’t affect others. I usually listen to music but rarely check anything on my phone/tablet during commuting. While listening to my favorite songs, I just like to observe people around me or close my tired eyes.

Back to the photographer’s project, I admire him for his provoking idea. We “Bangkokian” are just the passengers hoping to reach our destination without any delay. We are sitting/standing and sometimes talking to our friends or busily going through our gadgets/books. We normally don’t shout any word on trains. Yes, it is quite boring subway like the 2nd comment on the website said:P

The article shows his photos explained with the shouted words. After seeing all of them, The 1st one is my most favorite because each reaction to “Fried egg!” is unique. It seems that I am looking back at them too.