Time Zones

I had never paid much attention to Time Zones before until the time that I had to arrange an online meeting for participants in different locations which were Thailand and the US; Central and Pacific time zones. I got quite headache to set the appropriate time slot for all attendees. Some of us had to wake up early to be in the meeting which of course turned out to be me during short stay in Pacific time zone. Finally, the appropriate time was 6:00 AM (US Pacific Time) = 8.00 AM (US Central Time) = 8.00 PM (Thailand Time).

After returning to Thailand, it’s easier for me to manage the meeting time slots because I will set the meetings for Asia and the US separately. But they can’t be like that all the time so whenever I have to set up the meeting for all of regions together, I still get confused. Supposedly, we require people in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the US in the same meeting, what is the best time slot? It will be more harder if people in the US are in the different time zones. Some people have to give up lunch or sleep or their personal time before/after work.

Luckily, I’ve never had a chance to place a meeting for people in Asia, the US and Europe together. I believe it may not be possible, right? And my head is starting to be dizzy by just thinking about that. It’s even more tricky if we have to think of the day-light saving time … Arggh…I have to stop calculating for now. *_*

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