High School Reunion

I spent my 6 years (secondary and high school) studying at an all-girls school in Bangkok. Back then, one classroom had around 40 students. We also had a regular class teacher for each room. We didn’t have to leave our room for each lesson. Teachers would go to classrooms according to timetable.

We would have new classmates for each level during secondary school. However, we were with the same classmates and a class teacher after we had chosen what major we would study in high school. At that time, Thai educational system usually separated learning into 4 majors; Science-Math, Art-Math, Art-Languages, and Art-Social.

My high school class’s major was Science-Math. Our class teacher was very strict and she taught Chemistry. Other students just heard of her name, they would know how rigid she was. If we broke school regulations, we would surely be punished by her. Some examples of our school regulations were hairstyles that were needed to be short but not too short. Another thing was the length of our school uniform’s skirts which should not be too long but not too short. Moreover, they would be late school arrival or skipping class, etc.

I was a good student as I always followed school regulations except once that I had my hair cut too short. I could remember that I was called to stand with others in the line while our class teacher looked at us. When she stood in front of me, she asked me “Did you have a good thought before having your hair cutting like this?” At that time, only one notion that went through my mind was “Did I look ugly in this hairstyle?” -_-”

Almost 20 years have passed and Facebook brings our classmates to be together again. We had our 1st High school reunion once, but I didn’t go. I had a chance to join the 2nd time. Besides meeting some of my classmates, I met our class teacher too. She still had good memories, and she could remember many events in our class that some of us had already forgot.

I, myself couldn’t remember much of those years. I also had trouble matching classmates’ name and face in case they didn’t come to the reunion. It seems that my memory has held the blur pictures of my high school years. No need to mention my secondary school years which I could recall so little.

Now that I come to think of it. When I was a teenager, everything around me looked so important. It was like I shouldn’t forget those things so easily. Naturally, time passes and everything has changed including me. Yet, my blur memories for those 6 years are still kept somewhere in my brain. For me, the memories may be unclear, but they were surely beautiful and fun.


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