An evening in Bangkok

More than once or twice a year, traffic in Bangkok can be extremely bad. As I’ve known, we had terrible traffic twice this year. Some of us had to spent 3-5 hours going back home because the rains just came after working hours. We usually call those days as “the super very immensely heavy traffic jam”. Ok, I know that I use wrong grammar but I just want to emphasize how worst traffic can be in Bangkok if it’s raining during rush hour (morning or evening).

Luckily, I took the above photo in an acceptable bad traffic. It just made me to spend over 2 hours coming home instead of an hour. There was heavy rain followed by flooding on some parts of road. Cars on 5 lanes had to share 2 lanes to drive past that section. After that, I thought I would have got through without obstacle. But no… there was an ongoing road construction where we had to drive very carefully. I tried my best to be cautious and move along with my road companions. And yes…just be patient, finally at home.


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