Cassey: a cat who turned me to be a cat woman

Lame title, much?

Dogs and cats are enemy? Maybe? Some people love to be dog persons while some chooses to be cat persons. But,a portion of human population likes to be both of them. During my childhood, I always like dogs as our family had dogs, whereas I was not fond of cats much according to my experience with them. When we visited my grandma, we would see her cats. As a child I noticed that all they wanted to do was eat, pee, poo, kill rats and hunt birds. They were not friendly too.

After growing up, I didn’t have much chance to to be near both dogs and cats for more than 10 years. But, We’ve had got a new dog two months before I flew to Tasmania for the English language course. I stayed with a host family who were retired couples. They had a Burmese cat named ‘Cassey’.

When I first met Cassey, she was just looking at me while I was looking at her, and our eyes met.

‘Ok, no need to be friend. But, Peace (-_-)v … please’ I thought.

As time passed, I started to learn about her nature. What she liked to do. Those things made me to like her more and more. If she wanted to pee or poo, she would stand next to the front door asking us to let her go outside. Although She acted like she didn’t pay attention to us, she occasionally tried to be near us. She usually liked to sit on the top of our lap while we were watching television. I also truly loved it when she chose to sit on my lab keeping me warm with her fluffy fur.

Because of Cassey, I can say that I’ve turned to be a cat person along with dog person. I like the way cats look at us, human beings, like they are so proud of themselves. They don’t care about us, but it’s our job to feed them if they’re hungry.

These days I sometimes think of Cassey; a Burmese cat who surprisingly taught me one thing that my habit or preference can be changed or developed.

Meet Cassey!


2 thoughts on “Cassey: a cat who turned me to be a cat woman

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