Dumb Ways to Die


I’ve seen this video shared by my friend on Facebook wall. Only watching the animation and listening to a song at the first time, I could sing chorus parts along the song. Listening to it more and more, its part has been stuck in my head…. Dumb ways to die e e e…

This video has been gone viral online since initially published on Youtube on 14 Nov 2012. It is from the safety campaign of Metro Trains Melbourne. As I’ve read some comments in Youtube and other websites, people mostly like it. However, I found two dissimilar comments which one person feels offended by this while another believes that it’s kind of awkward if some audiences happen to know someone who died in those ways.

For me, I think it’s an artful trick to rise the awareness by using this cute video as well as the catchy tunes and dark humor lyrics. I also can’t stop myself from dancing together with those animated cartoons. (‘o’)

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