Password overload

When I firstly owned e-mail address on Yahoo, I was very excited. The account required a password to log in. Following Yahoo, I was introduced to MSN messenger which I applied for another e-mail address on Hotmail. Surely, I needed a password for Hotmail too. And then Gmail offered us with more storage; however, friends had to invite us to Gmail so we were able to register Gmail account. I eagerly applied for this Google e-mail which inevitably needed the password for it.

In addition to those e-mail accounts, I had users and passwords for many online communities. Those accounts and e-mails are for personal usage. Other than that, when it comes to work; my company has strict protection policy which requires passwords for all applications in our network.

Above mentioned users and passwords are used in computers. They should be enough but ‘No’. After I bought iPhone and iPad which I’ve downloaded a lot of mobile applications. Unsurprisingly, those apps also needed me to create accounts with passwords. I cannot remember all registered users/e-mails and passwords although I’ve tried to switch among 4-5 passwords for all of my accounts. My brain cannot take it anymore. (-_-!)

Eventually, I have to write down some usernames and passwords on the note in my iPhone while some of them are in my personal laptop. Despite of doing that, I tend to forget some if I don’t access those applications or websites often enough. If my iPhone has lost or broken or whatever (same as my laptop); I know that I will be in the nightmare.

And because of a lot of important information on iPhone, I must specify passcode to access my phone. So not only I need to remember that passcode, but also I shouldn’t store it in unsecured places. It seems that I must have this passcode to prevent someone from getting my passwords that protect somebody to use my accounts. Those accounts and passwords are so important to me since they are the other life of me in both real and virtual worlds. Undeniably, it’s like you have identification over the internet. And if we lose them, what will happen? It might be the painful task to recover from that lost identity. Therefore, the better way is that you must take a good care of those passwords (overload) by yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Password overload

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes to make it more secure, I set different passwords for different accounts. The problem is, I forget them after a while. Now I keep them a spreadsheet on Google Drive. That way, I can have a access to my different passwords as long as I have internet connection. But that’s provided I don’t forget my Google password…

    • Yes. That’s the point about all of these passwords and accounts. Moreover, we still need to be careful of account thieves. Whenever I hear about Facebook/ e-mail address hacking, I will need to change my passwords in my most important accounts. But the coming problem is that I have new passwords to remember again.

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