The unplanned trip

I can say that I love planning trip. Back to the time that I initially traveled with my friend or family without joining tour groups, I set the trip schedule like what we would get from tour companies. I could list out the time slots with places we should go on each day! And if something didn’t go according to the plan, I would feel frustrated. Nonetheless, I’ve altered my travel habit over a couple of years ago. It started when I went to Japan with my best friend in 2010. We set the tentative schedule like where we wanted to go or see without specific date & time. Since we went there in mid-May, we wanted to be sure about the weather on each day. Especially, we wanted to see Fuji-San clearly. (and we could ^^)

Because of that trip, I’m thinking that we sometimes don’t have to create the fix schedule when we go on the journey by ourselves. Of course, I still be me who would like to have a rough plan in order to be sure that we don’t waste so much of our time. However, I’m getting to let myself to expect the unexpected along the journey without stress too much.

My recent trip to Singapore with my brother, I just planed a few things to do as we mainly went there to see the concert. We intended to walk around Marina Bay Sands area in the evening. After we went to Garden by the Bay and walked through shopping venue to the Event Plaza located in front of the Shopper. We stopped there as we saw many people sitting on the slope near water, and I was wondering what they were waiting for. A moment later, I recalled that I’ve read about Light and Water show in Singapore so I searched for the information on my phone to see the show timetable. Luckily, we’ve arrived there before the show started in 10 minutes.

Wonder Full, Marina Bay Sands Singapore 2012

We stood at the back of crowd to watch this wonderful show, and we felt that it was even more amazing to us because we didn’t expect to see it there. The best part was that the show was free! It was the pleasant moment :)

More info: Wonder Full