6 Cats in a day

Since Cassey has turned me to be a cat woman ;], I like to take photos of cats whenever I get a chance. For the photos in this post, I was quite surprised when I met these 6 cats in only one day. They were around the Nagoya Castle area (Japan). My friend and I went there to determine whether we would pay for tickets and go inside to view  and enter the castle or not. The answer was that we decided to just look around. While walking around the castle wall as well as to subway station, I could meet these 6 cats. Some of them just peacefully sat on the ground whereas other walked towards us or away from us.

No matter what they were doing, I just like looking at them. If they closed their eyes, I could feel that they looked safe and sound. I was also pleased when they were staring at us like they didn’t trust us; or they were bored and considered what these two-leg things were doing here. They were truly enjoyable to look at and take photos of.

Nagoya, Japan, 2010

Nagoya, Japan, 2010


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