The Lumineers

Why do I not love the Internet? Without it, how could I find the new band to fall in love with their music? Like this time, I came across this video on my Youtube user. I was captivated by their sound, and that was the 1st time I heard their song. A day later, Youtube recommended that I should watch another video which was their full Live performance.

Because of this 2nd video, I decided to buy their album via iTunes Thailand. Afterward, I read their information on the Wikipedia, and it seems that they are getting famous in the US. If I wouldn’t find them on the internet, I would have never known them. As I am not living in the US, I believe that this type of music will rarely be played on the local radio here for sure. After listening to their full album, I was thinking of Mumford&Sons or the Avett Brothers. I love this kind of music although I’m not sure that I would call it correctly. But if I say, I think their genres are Folk rock, Indie Folk, Alternative Rock, or others. I always feel the real emotions whenever I listen to this type of music. It can make me want to start dancing if its vibe is so cheerful, whereas it can make me sad if the songs convey such painful stories.

I like the comments by a band member ‘Jeremiah Fraites’ about the Lumineers‘s music style.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel or doing anything that different, the songs are super simple,” Fraites said. “The ideas themselves are very simple ideas. Anyone who can play an instrument can play a Lumineers song I think there’s a certain cinematic aspect of our music that I really like.”



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