I’ve just bought a new iMac 2 weeks ago. Admittedly, I am an Apple Fan. Whereas I own iPhone and iPad, this is the 1st time I use MAC OS. It quite takes time to learn how to use functions on iMac as I’ve been familiar with Microsoft Windows for such a long time since we’ve had our 1st computer at home almost 18 years ago. I am currently in the process of knowing the MAC OS. For this time, I was trying to edit a photo to post on this blog. If I had adapted it on my Windows 7 laptop, I would have used a free photo program called ‘Photoscape’ to edit it and I should have completed only in 3-5 minutes. However, I decided to use my iMac to resize and write words on the photo, which I spent more than an hour to finish the same task. Firstly, I used iPhoto to enhance the photo. I thought that iPhoto could resize the photo, but I could’t find any tool in it. So I searched for apps in the MAC APPS store where I chose to install two apps. Nonetheless, I wasn’t satisfied with them since they can’t provide me with the same functions as Photoscape. I started to complain this out loud!

Fortunately, I happened to double click the photo while I was looking at it on Finder (for me, these Finders in MAC is similar to those Windows on Microsoft OS). It turned out that MAC provides the photo edit tools to each photo when users open single photo to view from Finder. I could use those tools to resize and add some credit on the photo. This may not be convenient as in the Windows OS which I can use one free program to add filter, resize, write anything. But I think it is the part of the learning process, which it may be the painful tasks; however, it can be considered as the challenge. And so far, I like it.

West Cliff, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 2012

West Cliff, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 2012

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