When I was young, I liked to draw pictures of girls or women; sometimes in full body or sometimes only upper part. Usually, I would draw those pictures while I was studying in the classroom. I wasn’t good at it though, it was just the way keeping me wake up. I didn’t know why I always felt sleepy every time I was in the class. Those drawings were like cartoons, not the portrait or anything. After I started working, I stopped drawing them since I mostly use computers for doing my tasks. Therefore, I don’t get much chance to write anything on papers.

However, I just installed the apps on my iPad called ‘Paper‘ which is the app of the Year 2012 in Apple App Store. Only the first time using it, I felt like I went back to my school years. Sitting at my desk and drawing them along with writing what the teachers taught us.

Four of her

It’s like meeting my old friends on the paper, except this new piece of paper is the digital one.

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