Late Beginner

I had attended the electone class for 1 year before I entered the secondary school. But I dropped it since I didn’t have time to go to the musical school during my school days. After that, I didn’t touch any musical instruments. However, I had this to-do-lists kept in my mind which one of the items is learning how to play the piano. I kept postpone this desire for almost 6 years since I first wrote down the list in my mind.

Fortunately, a peculiar situation had happened which made me realizing that I should start doing something for myself. That’s why I could get rid of my laziness and take a courage to enroll piano classes at the musical school near my home. Why do I use the word ‘Courage’? Because one of the reasons that I hesitate to apply for the lessons was the feel of inconvenience to be in the same class as kids. Most of students are kids and teenagers so I (in my 30s) kind of felt weird to be in the same class as them. However, the school has the personal class to offer for the piano lessons.

So far I’ve had classes for 2 months which I have been trying my best to keep up with the lessons and practices. It seems that we have to apply a variety of skills to earn the ability to play the musical instruments. We have to use memory to remember all of notes and other Musical terminology. We must use our ears to recognize and link between sound and notes. We have to practice how to play with both hands in the different notes. Every time I study in the class or play the piano by myself, I can feel my brain rolling. Right now I have a difficulty in maintaining the rhythm. Trying to find the way to understand it and hope that I can make it better soon.

I quite have bad habits which I tend to give up on somethings easily if I feel that I have to dedicate most of my free time to do those things. Although I’ve started to be a bit lazy in the piano practice, I tell myself that I won’t give up on it this time. I must give it a try, at least until I will be able to play this song or this song effortlessly. Someday …

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