Although I was on leave yesterday, the actual start date for the long holidays is today (29 Dec 2012). What did I choose to spend my free time doing? I decided to help my brother assemble LEGO. Let me remind that my brother and I are already in our 30s. However, my brother has been really keen on building LEGO since his childhood. I remembered the time when my parents wanted to support his son by buying the LEGO models despite the fact that they were quite expensive as well as today.

After my brother grew up and earn his money, he started to buy those models that he’s interested in. I, myself, doesn’t fancy assembling LEGO that much if the models focus on cars, helicopters, airplanes or spaceships. However, this time the model is in the Modular Buildings series collection which really intrigues me to join my brother in building it up. This one consists of 3-story Pet shop and it is for anyone whose ages are 16 years up.

The Pet Shop

The Pet Shop

We spent almost 5 hours assembling this set. I truly enjoyed myself, and I was fascinated on its design. Despite closed walls after finishing, there are the small details inside that make this building looked real. For example, a small sofa, a spiral staircase, a terrace with small flowers, a bed with lamp on the side, a pot of coffee, a clock on the wall, a tiny toilet, a dog inside, a cat trying to catch a rat, two parrots beside the cashier desk and so on… Those carefully small details really add charm to this Pet Shop buildings. It shows how attentive the LEGO creators are, which I genuinely appreciate their inventive idea.

The Pet Shop

The Pet Shop

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