Sheep, Pigs, Cats and Dogs are my favorite animals. I have a soft spot for stuff with those animals, tend to buy things which have their pictures on. That’s why I couldn’t stop myself buying this coaster. I bought it in England along with other coasters designed by Thomas Joseph Stephenson.

THOMAS JOSEPH is a ‘real person’ named Thomas Joseph
Stephenson. He resides in Carrickfergus on the shore of Belfast Lough
in Northern Ireland. Some say he works hard and likes painting
especially silly sheep which he has been known to converse with.

A publication recently stated that Tom’s lonely journey as a delivery
driver led to the creation of ‘The Whimsical World of Thomas Joseph’
….. they say Tom found himself talking to sheep. Tom disputes this.
Many people around the world like sheep and as a result they
appreciate Tom’s sense of humour. Hopefully this will continue for years
to come.

Information from here


I gave other sheep coasters to my friends as souvenir and keep only this one with me. Just like to look at their faces and butts. :)

Political Views

I believe that political views are built up from the owners’ believes, preference, or backgrounds or even nothing! Like someone may choose one party because of its cool name (and no one could sue them for that!)

When people believe something, they tend to put some faith in it. And when they do that, it’s not easy to alter their opinions. So I don’t understand why somebody always try to persuade others to have the same political views as theirs. Before the social network has been risen up, those people may not try so hard. However, when there is Facebook which nowadays seems to be the convenient tool for mass media. Those people want to share their thoughts, discovery or news with their Facebook friends.

I don’t know why they think that they could change others’ political views with their posts. Or they just post those topics to find their supporters?


This is just what I often think when I see those posts on my Facebook wall. I think it was created during the US election 2012. But, it certainly can represent for other situations as well.

Credit for picture: here

Hot Winter

I don’t live in Australia nor New Zealand, but I’m currently feeling like that. Here in Thailand, the Winter season should have started since November. For the past 10 years, we haven’t expected the cold weather in Bangkok that much. Still, we could wear our sweater or jacket for a week or two during December. Nonetheless, we haven’t touched any coldness in Bangkok since the season has changed this year. And we would never meet it either till the end of 2012 according to the weather forecast.

Bang Phlat, Bangkok, Thailand

Bang Phlat, Bangkok, Thailand

From the forecast, the highest temperature in Bangkok will be 36 Celsius Degree (96.8 Fahrenheit). Somebody tell me, please. Is this Winter?

(-_-!) me in sweat while writing this post.

Fear and expectation

I’ve seen this video called I’m Scared by Charlie McDonnell. Who is he? He is an English Vlogger (Video Blogger) which his Youtube videos have more than 250 million views in total on his channel. I found him via MeekaKitty and NANALEW.

I’ve watched some of Charlie’s videos which (besides his charming British accents) I like how enthusiastic he is while he’s talking about science. Although his Youtube channel has more than 1.7 million subscribers, he still got this feeling: scared of what people would think of him or like the things he will do. He may talk about other things that he has worried about. But I believe that some Bloggers or Vloggers would come up with this kind of fear, especially famous bloggers.

I could understand that feeling despite the fact that I’m just a normal blogger who has only 338 views (counting till this post, and NO! I haven’t checked the stat page all the time :P) In addition to this WordPress blog, I have another Thai blog on the well-known Thai webpage community. Other than that, I have my own website called which all of the posts were written in Thai by my brother, my friend and I. In the beginning of our website, I wrote what I’d like to share to others. Normally, I liked to know how many visitors on our website for each day. Moreover, I was looking forward to seeing new comments replied to our posts. The more I expected, the more I tended to easily get disappointed. And I stopped posting for a while on my own website (from 3-4 times a month in first 3-4 years to vice versa in following years). My motivation to write has gradually decreased.

And I knew what was wrong with me. The way I had expected too much to see more visitors or more comments on my websites. The fear that what people might think of my writing style like it may be boring. And those ideas affected the original motive in creating the website. At first, we wanted to share our love of music, books, films, and shows to others. More importantly, we hoped to translate the news of our beloved bands such as Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and etc to Thai language. But we just forgot that intention.

So when I started this WordPress blog, I realized that I must not act or think like the way I was in the past. I should know why I began this blog. I’ve promised myself to write this blog everyday no matter how lazy I am or nobody reads it. Of course, I am still human who could be frustrated about anything but I shouldn’t let it rules me.

Back to Charlie, I am happy that he was back to post another video after that one again. His love for science still puts the smiles on my face (and surely, because of his British accent too [=”=])

How hard you try


no matter how hard you try to comprehend
why one person could do such horrible things to other human beings.
you realize that you just can’t understand.

and it’s painfully sad.

14 December 2012

The Lumineers

Why do I not love the Internet? Without it, how could I find the new band to fall in love with their music? Like this time, I came across this video on my Youtube user. I was captivated by their sound, and that was the 1st time I heard their song. A day later, Youtube recommended that I should watch another video which was their full Live performance.

Because of this 2nd video, I decided to buy their album via iTunes Thailand. Afterward, I read their information on the Wikipedia, and it seems that they are getting famous in the US. If I wouldn’t find them on the internet, I would have never known them. As I am not living in the US, I believe that this type of music will rarely be played on the local radio here for sure. After listening to their full album, I was thinking of Mumford&Sons or the Avett Brothers. I love this kind of music although I’m not sure that I would call it correctly. But if I say, I think their genres are Folk rock, Indie Folk, Alternative Rock, or others. I always feel the real emotions whenever I listen to this type of music. It can make me want to start dancing if its vibe is so cheerful, whereas it can make me sad if the songs convey such painful stories.

I like the comments by a band member ‘Jeremiah Fraites’ about the Lumineers‘s music style.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel or doing anything that different, the songs are super simple,” Fraites said. “The ideas themselves are very simple ideas. Anyone who can play an instrument can play a Lumineers song I think there’s a certain cinematic aspect of our music that I really like.”


Today, I’m on sick leave


Get Well Soon

Called my boss to leave a voice message at 6 am that I has a backache so I couldn’t go to office today.

After getting more sleep, I woke up again with a sore throat and a headache.

Urgently taking antibiotic medicine and paracetamol.

But needed to attend the meeting from home for update the project in the morning.

Slept all over the afternoon.

Still went to a piano class in the evening.

Getting better soon.

Photo Apps

shenandoah national park, USA, 2012

shenandoah national park, USA, 2012

My brother said that when photos are decorated in application (phone or tablet or computer), they are not genuine. I told him ‘I disagree with that’ I think when people use their apps to crop photo or add filters or write something, they use their creativity. And still those photos are real. Sometimes the adaptation can add different feeling to the photos which are able to convey photo owners’ feeling.

I also like to add this and that on my photos especially photos taken by phone. I rarely changed anything on my photos taken by my Olympus camera E-P1. However, I’m recently starting to like the black and white photos so I use a program in my computer to change some of my Oly’s photos to be Black & White. Like the above photo that I originally took in color as below picture.

shenandoah national park, USA, 2012

shenandoah national park, USA, 2012

B&W may give the calmer feeling than the color one. But Either color or B&W, I think it’s always amazing when the Sky, the Sun and the cloud are together.

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

My friend and I are currently planning our trip next year. I’ve never traveled abroad with her before. This will be our 1st trip together on a foreign land. I’ve heard that when we travel and encounter some difficulty together, it will be able to prove our friendship/relationship. This is just a beginning of our journey which activities are the trip planning, the reservation, and etc. We’ve already paid for our air tickets and booked a hotel for our 7-nights stay.

Most of the time I try to avoid unexpected events as much as I can whenever I set up the schedule for travel abroad. Since I easily get anxious about uncertain things. For this time, our flight will arrive at the airport after 8 PM and it may take long time before we can pass the passport control and custom areas. I wanted to cancel our hotel reservation and change to stay at the hotel near the airport on the 1st night. I’ve discussed this idea with my friend, but she thinks that everything should be alright if we still do as the 1st plan. She told me that I shouldn’t worry about that too much. Because we don’t know what exactly will happen on the evening we will arrive. We may easily go through all of the processes. She believes that we should be able to deal with any problem that might occur. (We have experiences enough as we’ve traveled in other countries for more than 7-8 times)

After our talking, we decided to follow the 1st plan. And I think to myself. She has been my friend for 15 years but I realize that I’m getting to know her better just by planning this trip. She is an outgoing person who likes to not take things seriously (But she is serious in her job). While I am precise and I like to do things in pattern. I don’t have many friends while she has a lot. She always go outside to do activities on the weekend while I love staying at home except travelling to other countries. I reckon that we will know each other better from this trip for sure. I’m not sure whether we may not be friend anymore after the trip or we will come up with the conclusion that we will be able to go on other trips again together.

And for me right now, to calm my nerve down about something that might not be as it should be. I will listen to this song

Que Sera Sera
Whatever will be will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que Sera Sera
What will be will be

or this song

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

Hopefully, this trip will help me to relax more and more :D