After 2 days of learning the presentation skill, my head is in pain now. I don’t know why? However, I think it’s because of the overload information as well as the condition of training room for example: lighting, air-temperature or seating position. Right now, I just want to lay my head down and close my eyes.

So I better sleep now and tomorrow I will do all the things that are needed to be done.


Green-Blue Person

Today I attended the training to improve my presentation skill arranged by my division. The facilitator comes from Singapore who has experiences in this field for more than 20 years. The class consists of 3 days which the first two days focus on how to conduct the effective presentation. Then we will give our presentation on the 3rd day for 13 minutes for the instructor’s assessment.

On this 1st day, we had a game related to determine what color we are? No, it’s not about any Thailand’s political issue. But it’s about which brain portion we tend to use. The brain dominance model developed by William “Ned” Herrmann can be categorized into 4 types in thinking preferences which are:

Analytical thinking
Key words : Auditive,logical, factual, critical, technical and quantitative.
Preferred activities : collecting data, analysis, understanding how things work, judging ideas based on facts, criteria and logical reasoning.

Sequential thinking
Key words : safekeeping, structured, organized, complexity or detailed, planned.
Preferred activities : following directions, detail oriented work, step-by-step problem solving, organization and implementation.

Interpersonal thinking
Key words : Kinesthetic, emotional, spiritual, sensory, feeling.
Preferred activities : listening to and expressing ideas, looking for personal meaning, sensory input, and group interaction.

Imaginative thinking
Key words : Visual, holistic, intuitive, innovative, and conceptual.
Preferred activities : Looking at the big picture, taking initiative, challenging assumptions, visuals, metaphoric thinking, creative problem solving, long term thinking.

Referred to WikiPage

The instructor put color for each type which are blue, green, red and yellow for analysis, sequence, interpersonal and imagination respectively. The result from the game showed that I am a green-blue person with some yellow. I was kind of surprised of the outcome because of its correctness. I like organizing and planning as well as logical thinking. For yellow, I like all of the innovative and challenging ideas. And I’m not quite good at the interpersonal skill as I don’t have red in the game’s output.

When the instructor described my thinking process and he said something like ‘me as a robot’. It totally amazed my colleague and me since I has been called ‘Robot’ by my teammate before.  Frankly speaking, I like when people call me Robot because I like robots since they are so cool! However, I also know that my weakness is my too much straightforward communication. Sometimes I talk to people and make them feel bad without my acknowledgement. Therefore I am trying to improve this personal habit which I believe that I should be able to get better. Of course, I still talk what in my mind but I will try to observe other people’s feeling more before I speak to them. Moreover, I would like to put the softness in my talks as we don’t have to talk our mind aggressively.

I believe that the content we want to convey is still the same but it’s up to how we efficiently deliver it to the different groups of listeners. So besides knowing our brain color, we should perceive what color others own as well. Consequently, we can choose what way we will interact with them to get the better communication.

Danny the Champion of the World


This book ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ was the 1st one by Roald Dahl that I read. I remembered that it was very entertaining and touching. It made me want to read book written by him more and more. I don’t know why the publisher didn’t use the  illustration that always comes together with Roald Dahl’s books. But its pictures were designed and drawn by Thai artists. Its Thai name wasn’t directly translated from the English title, but Thai title could be translated back to English as ‘Do you want to have father like mine?’ This book was published back in 1988 as the 4th time. Its price was 45 Baht (around 1.5 USD).


The weekend almost passes here in my timezone. Tomorrow will be Monday, and I have to work as always. Recently, I have felt that I’m getting to detach from somethings. Whenever the weekend arrives, I feel like I go out of town. But I actually just stay at home or do some activities in Bangkok.

I believe that my weekends start at an evening of Friday, which I has an hour piano class. After that, I will connect myself to the Internet and start to do some routine stuffs. On Saturday, I’d like to stay at home to read books or play games or watch DVDs or take an afternoon nap. When it comes to Sunday, I’ve just started a new art class because I want to be able to do watercolor paintings. The class takes 3 hour on Sunday morning and then I will have lunch with my friend. We sometimes go shopping but not so long because I just want to go home so I can take some rest before working on Monday.

My weekend activities aren’t special or anything. I also still access the Internet via my iPhone, iPad or notebook to read my Facebook wall, WordPress blogs, and some subscribed websites. However, I’ve felt like I was in another town or the different world. I think I’m disconnected from the normal world that begins from Monday morning to Friday evening; the world contains a lot of fast movements, talks, thoughts, plans and etc. While the world on weekends just go in the slow-to-normal speed. I don’t have to be in hurry all the time. And it’s a bit scary for me which I don’t know why. But I think it’s good to get this disconnection. Perhaps it shows me that I haven’t mixed up my works and my leisure times for a while. Yep, it should go on like this until the next time that I will be busy with my job and need to work on weekends again. Hopefully, it will not arrive so soon.

Daily Prompt: Musical

What role does music play in your life?

It should be the no brainer question for me, shouldn’t it? Since I can truly speak of myself as a Music Lover. However, I just can’t sum up the role that music play in my life as easily as I thought.

I think I could say that I can’t imagine how my life would have been if I can’t listen to any songs in the world.

Seems to exaggerate?

But I feel exactly like that about books and music in my life.

I need the sound of music for my everyday life: driving, working, walking, reading or writing this blog. Sometimes, music helps me to sleep when I’m in the unfamiliar places. When I am down at the bottom of the pit, I just get better by listening to songs from my favourite artists.

I’m always happy when my loved artists make amazing songs. Also, I’m always enthusiastic to discover new artists whom I never listen to, and I will be joyful if they have made such great songs. The good music can provide me a small happiness that I could often touch.

I’m grateful to all of artists in this world when they produce such awesome works. I don’t care what languages in their songs because I can related to their sound. I could listen to and like songs in Thai (my language), English (I can understand), or having no clue about it: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, or even incomprehensible words (Sigur Ros), and etc. I think music is the borderless art which listeners are able to interpret meaning by themselves.

So for me, I can say that music has been an essential part of my life. And I just feel terrific that I am so in love with Music like this. A lot of thanks to anyone who has created and developed music to the Worlds. Genuinely appreciate it.

Winter in my heart

Every time I listen to this song ‘Winter in my heart’ in the new album ‘The Carpenter’ of the Avett Brothers, I feel like I’m drawn into the song itself. Its lyrics are so sad yet very beautiful. It seems that I can feel the sorrow underneath. I can picture the story of someone behind this song. I think sometimes we could have this kind of feeling.

It must be winter in my heart
There’s nothing warm in there, at all
I miss the Summer and the Spring
The floating, yellow leaves of Fall

A million colors fill my eyes
The Roman candles and the stars
Calendar says July 4th
But it’s still winter in my heart

They say flowers bloom in Spring
Red and Golden, Blue and Pink
They say seasons turn in time
Theirs are changing, why won’t mine?

It must be winter in my heart
There’s nothing warm in there at all
I miss the Summer and the Spring
The floating  yellow leaves of Fall

The air in there is frigid cold
I don’t know what the reasons are
The calendar says August 1
But it’s still winter in my heart

They say flowers bloom in Spring
Red and Golden, Blue and Pink
They say seasons turn in time
Theirs are changing, why won’t mine?


The 7th time

Yesterday I got my passport returned from Japan embassy with the Visa for the single entry into Japan. This will be my 7th time visiting Japan. It wasn’t hard for me to go to Japan in the past because my brother has studied and worked in Japan for more than 10 years. Therefore I didn’t have to worry about where I stay when I went to Japan. Moreover, I didn’t have to pay for the accommodation costs which really reduced my travel expense a lot. But, my brother moved back to Thailand in 2011 so this time will be the 1st time that I have to find the accommodation by myself.  Travel in Japan can cost more with the hotel charges which is the thing that I learned from planning this upcoming trip.

At the 1st time that I traveled in Japan, I fell in love with this country and I’ve never got bored. I think Japan is easy to go around with their superb communication. I don’t like driving so I like to travel by public transportation especially train or subway. I like going on the journey on the trains in Japan which is really convenient and able to go almost everywhere.  I also like Japanese food and I’ve found that they are really tasty especially Sushi and Ramen!

Unknown to Japanese language is not a problem too. Although I stayed with my brother, he didn’t travel with us all the time due to his duty in study or job. I’m not good at  Japanese language which I can read some Hiragana or Katakana, but I think it’s not a problem. I used to get lost for 2 hours and tried to ask Japanese people around there, which they really tried to help us despite in Japanese language. I was also able to order food with my English along with Thai while the staff talked to me in Japanese, and I could get my decent dish.

I could go on and on with my experiences of travel in Japan, but I think I ‘d like to recap some of them on the photos.

Himeji, Japan, 2001

Himeji, Japan, 2001

I took this photo when I was in the Himeji Castle using our family’s Olympus camera with film. At the time our family went to Himeji castle, Sakura had bloomed on the trees around the castle (Cherry Blossom). It was very beautiful.

Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe | Japan, 2002

Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe | Japan, 2002

I went there with my best friend in December 2002 which was kind of sudden trip. We didn’t have money that much so we walked a lot to save our money as much as we could under the weather in December, which was very cold and rainy. It was the memorable trip for me because my friend and I had a lot of fun despite the lack of money. We also proved our true friendship for all of the trouble that we experienced.

Fujinomiya, Japan, 2004

Fujinomiya, Japan, 2004

This trip had its goal to look at the Fuji-San as clear as we could. Fortunately, we found this spot and it was there just that time. After that, we went back to this spot again in 2008 and it had fence to prevent people entering.  This spot was near Shiraito Fall in Fujinomiya. We were amazed of the stunning view. The Sakura and the Fuji were there at the same time, and they are kind of symbols of Japan. For us, the moment is unforgettable.

Nara, Japan, 2005

Nara, Japan, 2005

Our family went to Japan again in Mar 2005 for my brother’s graduation ceremony. So we didn’t focus on travel in this trip which the weather was not suitable for sightseeing as well. We just went to Nara again because it was not far from my brother’s city (Osaka).

Nagoya, Japan, 2008

Nagoya, Japan, 2008

We took our grandma to go to Japan in this journey. This was her first time in Japan and we just wanted her to enjoy the beauty of Cherry blossom and Spring season in Japan.  It was really good to see her smile when looking at the Sakura trees. However, she was tired in the last 2-3 days of our trip so we just travel around by ourselves. This photo was taken near Nagoya Castle where we didn’t go inside because we thought that we’ve already been in Osaka and Himeji castle, so we don’t need to go to this one.  Therefore, we just walked around the castle.

Tokyo, Japan, 2010

Tokyo, Japan, 2010

I went to Japan with my best friend who is not the one in my 2nd trip.  We focused the trip around Nagoya and Tokyo. This photo was taken in front of Ramen restaurant in Akihabara, Tokyo. The ramen was very delicious like we just wanted to eat a very drop of soup.

I don’t know what I will experience for the 7th time trip in Japan, but I hope that I will always have the next time for travel in Japan.

Totto-chan The Little Girl at the Window

Totto-chan The Little Girl at the Window

Author: Tetsuko Kuroyanagi | Illustrator: Chihiro Iwasaki

One of my most favorite books from my childhood is this story of the little girl called ‘Totto-chan’. It is based on true story of the author. The version of my book was the 1st publishing in Thailand which was released in 1984. My aunt bought and passed it to me.

At present, this version is a rare item and I’m really proud that I own this one.