On-and-Off Winter

After I nagged about the hot Winter in Bangkok on this blog,  the weather had suddenly changed to be colder between 24 and 26 Dec 2012. Then, it was back to be hot again and we just thought that we would spend New Year days in the warm Winter. Surprisingly, the chill weather has re-visited us in Bangkok from 31 Dec until now (around 22 Celsius or 71 Fahrenheit, seem not that cold for people living in the other parts of the World but this is cold for us) . It seems that the Winter has decided to arrive Bangkok during Christmas and New Year. As the weather tended to dramatically change during past week, people could get a cold or have a headache. I think to myself that Human beings may not evolve to endure this kind of drastic change. Currently, the temperature difference may not affect Human body that much. However, we can’t be certain in the nature nowadays as anything could possibly happen.

Being in the country not far from the equator line, we are familiar with the hot weather. But, I think the temperature has risen up in the recent years with the stronger sun light. My skin could feel the burn from strong and hot rays of light especially during Summer of the last year (2012). As we still experience  the recurring hot weather during the Winter Season from last 2 months in 2012 to the beginning of 2013, I am quite afraid of the Summer time in this new year. How high temperature and strong sunlight will we face?

Anyway, I may be overreact to the unknown future. I should not think too much and try to appreciate the on-and-off Winter since I believe that the cold weather will continuously be the rare item for us in Bangkok. And every time that the temperature has dropped to around 20-22 Celsius, we would give the weather report on the Facebook or Twitter to joyfully tell our friends. ‘Yeah, baby it’s cold outside‘ :)


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