I’m thinking about marriage. No! I’m not getting married for sure. I’m just thinking about the idea of wedding party. Today I had a chance to talk to my male senior at office. We were chatting about his girlfriend and him. When will they hold the wedding day. He is older than me for 9 years meaning that he has already passed the prime time of marriage. However, guys can still think of marriage no matter how old are they, while woman like me has already dismissed the idea of it. He is trying to set the date according to numeric formula to get the nice number of date/month/year. It’s kind of fun to think something like this, but I also told him that it would be great if the wedding party could easily set up as the same as these number patterns. Unfortunately, we all know it’s not that easy.

I’ve known or heard about the wedding parties that are held here in my surrounding. Generally, the parties are quite big which there are 200 guests up. Some events can have wedding guests up to 1000 person. Some events need to be arranged in park or garden far from Bangkok where guests have to take long journey travelling back and forth. I may not be able to understand the mind of brides and grooms; whenever they are trying to set up their wedding ceremonies, that guests have to put a lot of effort to attend. That’s why I rarely went through trouble to go to that kind of party. However, I wholeheartedly go to any party if bride and groom are my closed friends. Speaking of bias! Yes, I don’t deny it. I think that anyone, who attends in this kind of blissful events, should bring happiness to share with the couple. Therefore, if I have to carry my bitterness of journey trouble to participate in any wedding party, I better not go.

This is my thought which may sound that I am a sour grape because I won’t be able to get married. Anyway I think like this for a long time, back to when I had a chance to consider marriage, I would have had a small wedding party containing around 40-50 guests. Our closed relatives and friends should have come to share the merry moment with us. Nonetheless, I won’t be able to follow this notion anymore since I don’t have a groom. Still, I should arrange the party to celebrate the single-hood like I’ve heard from someone before. Yes, when the right time has come.


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