On the boat

Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Today I was on leave half day to do a personal matter. I usually take a public transportation if I don’t go to work. This time, I decided to take a boat to drop off at a pier where is located near a sky train station. So I could go to my destination via BTS (sky train). In Bangkok, we have the main river called ‘Chao Phraya River’ which flows from the Northern of Thailand through many provinces. Its destination is the gulf of Thailand. Bangkok has Chao Phraya Express boat for communication via this river. There are 3 types of boat which are:

a. green flag: this boat stops every pier.
b. orange flag: this boat stops some piers.
c. yellow flag: this boat is the fastest of them which stops at less piers than the orange one.

Only the green and orange boats stop at my nearest pier in my home area. I often take the orange one because my destination is quite far. Generally, it takes around 40-50 minutes to reach there. I’m alway a bit nervous whenever I’m on a boat or ship or things that are floating on water. Because I’m not good at swimming so I can’t help myself to look for anything that can help me in case that I might fall into water. Other than that, I like journeys along a river.

I like the time I am on the boat, the weather is usually nice. The Sun always shines as it seems that I’m going to the East. I will directly get sunlight if I sit on the left side. Therefore, I always try to get the seat on the right side. But no matter what side of boat that I sit or stand, I always feel the slowness of life pace. Since the speed of boats is not that fast and up to the direction of water flowing. The boat does have a short stop at each pier, but it’s not the same as when I’ve stuck in bad traffic on a bus or my car. It seems that although the boat moves along the Chao Phraya River in no hurry, it could reach my destination as always.


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