What a good day

I participated in Bike Rally competition for a good cause. It campaigned for ‘Bangkok Read for Life, World Book Capital 2013’. In the past, I didn’t pay attention on this kind of activities. However, I experienced a certain situation that has made me want to do something that I usually ignored it.

At first, my friend and I almost failed to join this event because we heard this news after their closure. But, my friend tried calling them to ask whether we could join or not. It turned out that they allow to apply for 1-2 days late. The application fee is 500 Baht (17 USD) for a pair. Money will go to the charity for books and libraries in Bangkok.

There were around 280 person attending this event (about 140 pairs). The rewards were judged by accumulated scores from each rally stations which were 5 locations. Our route had started at the field in front of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The 1st point was Wat Saket (Saket Temple). Then we went to Thai Boxing Rajadamnern Stadium where I was quite excited because I have never been there, and I don’t think I will go there by myself after this time. The 3rd place was Bangkok Zoo where we played another game and had lunch. Then we rode a bike to Santichai Prakan Park located near Chao Phraya River. The last location was Saranrom Park and back to the starting point where held a concert and rewarding ceremony.


The time usage was not important as scoring from games in each stations. It was the reason that my friend and I could won the 4th runner-up in this competition. Yeah! I was really glad like I was the winner since I hadn’t expected that much. If the prizes gave priority in period of time, we surely wouldn’t win because my rental bike was not in a good condition. I had to go slowly. Fortunately, the judgement was based on accumulated scores from games in each rally point which I think we had done quite good. Our prize consists of 2000 Baht cash (67 USD), the Gift-set of Sunscreen cream, the 500 Baht (17 USD) Gift Voucher for Spa, and a trophy.


After we got our prize, we ate sweeten bread and milk at Mont Nom Sod, a well-known cafe in Bangkok. I used to often eat there when I was in High school since my school was not far from this place. I think their flavor is not good as when I ate it in the past. Maybe I start to change my habit from eating very sweet dessert to not too much sweet.

Then my friend and I waited for a bus to go to a bus terminal which is located near the Sanam Luang field. We took a wrong bus but it turned out to be a good chance for us to walk across the Sanam Luang. I hadn’t visited this place for quite a long time because it was closed for improvement. The development is really good which turns this giant field to be a relaxing place for Bangkok citizens.

Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

I was impressed by the refreshing view of Sanam Luang. The sun was going down and left a warm light to touch our lives. I thought to myself that today was full of surprises that I had a chance to enter Thai Boxing Stadium, was be able to finish the rally without getting injure or cancelling, won the prize, and walked across Sanam Luang to see the stunning view like this.

Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

What a good day, it is!


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