The weekend almost passes here in my timezone. Tomorrow will be Monday, and I have to work as always. Recently, I have felt that I’m getting to detach from somethings. Whenever the weekend arrives, I feel like I go out of town. But I actually just stay at home or do some activities in Bangkok.

I believe that my weekends start at an evening of Friday, which I has an hour piano class. After that, I will connect myself to the Internet and start to do some routine stuffs. On Saturday, I’d like to stay at home to read books or play games or watch DVDs or take an afternoon nap. When it comes to Sunday, I’ve just started a new art class because I want to be able to do watercolor paintings. The class takes 3 hour on Sunday morning and then I will have lunch with my friend. We sometimes go shopping but not so long because I just want to go home so I can take some rest before working on Monday.

My weekend activities aren’t special or anything. I also still access the Internet via my iPhone, iPad or notebook to read my Facebook wall, WordPress blogs, and some subscribed websites. However, I’ve felt like I was in another town or the different world. I think I’m disconnected from the normal world that begins from Monday morning to Friday evening; the world contains a lot of fast movements, talks, thoughts, plans and etc. While the world on weekends just go in the slow-to-normal speed. I don’t have to be in hurry all the time. And it’s a bit scary for me which I don’t know why. But I think it’s good to get this disconnection. Perhaps it shows me that I haven’t mixed up my works and my leisure times for a while. Yep, it should go on like this until the next time that I will be busy with my job and need to work on weekends again. Hopefully, it will not arrive so soon.