Green-Blue Person

Today I attended the training to improve my presentation skill arranged by my division. The facilitator comes from Singapore who has experiences in this field for more than 20 years. The class consists of 3 days which the first two days focus on how to conduct the effective presentation. Then we will give our presentation on the 3rd day for 13 minutes for the instructor’s assessment.

On this 1st day, we had a game related to determine what color we are? No, it’s not about any Thailand’s political issue. But it’s about which brain portion we tend to use. The brain dominance model developed by William “Ned” Herrmann can be categorized into 4 types in thinking preferences which are:

Analytical thinking
Key words : Auditive,logical, factual, critical, technical and quantitative.
Preferred activities : collecting data, analysis, understanding how things work, judging ideas based on facts, criteria and logical reasoning.

Sequential thinking
Key words : safekeeping, structured, organized, complexity or detailed, planned.
Preferred activities : following directions, detail oriented work, step-by-step problem solving, organization and implementation.

Interpersonal thinking
Key words : Kinesthetic, emotional, spiritual, sensory, feeling.
Preferred activities : listening to and expressing ideas, looking for personal meaning, sensory input, and group interaction.

Imaginative thinking
Key words : Visual, holistic, intuitive, innovative, and conceptual.
Preferred activities : Looking at the big picture, taking initiative, challenging assumptions, visuals, metaphoric thinking, creative problem solving, long term thinking.

Referred to WikiPage

The instructor put color for each type which are blue, green, red and yellow for analysis, sequence, interpersonal and imagination respectively. The result from the game showed that I am a green-blue person with some yellow. I was kind of surprised of the outcome because of its correctness. I like organizing and planning as well as logical thinking. For yellow, I like all of the innovative and challenging ideas. And I’m not quite good at the interpersonal skill as I don’t have red in the game’s output.

When the instructor described my thinking process and he said something like ‘me as a robot’. It totally amazed my colleague and me since I has been called ‘Robot’ by my teammate before.  Frankly speaking, I like when people call me Robot because I like robots since they are so cool! However, I also know that my weakness is my too much straightforward communication. Sometimes I talk to people and make them feel bad without my acknowledgement. Therefore I am trying to improve this personal habit which I believe that I should be able to get better. Of course, I still talk what in my mind but I will try to observe other people’s feeling more before I speak to them. Moreover, I would like to put the softness in my talks as we don’t have to talk our mind aggressively.

I believe that the content we want to convey is still the same but it’s up to how we efficiently deliver it to the different groups of listeners. So besides knowing our brain color, we should perceive what color others own as well. Consequently, we can choose what way we will interact with them to get the better communication.

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