Just do it

This post is not the tag line from any sport shoes. But it’s just something that I’ve came up with whenever I am trying to overcome my procrastination.

For me, the best way to defeat my laziness is just to take an action. Don’t let one more thoughts rules your mind. This is why I must keep this post short because I will start my piano practice right after this blog.

Just do it!

What a good day

I participated in Bike Rally competition for a good cause. It campaigned for ‘Bangkok Read for Life, World Book Capital 2013’. In the past, I didn’t pay attention on this kind of activities. However, I experienced a certain situation that has made me want to do something that I usually ignored it.

At first, my friend and I almost failed to join this event because we heard this news after their closure. But, my friend tried calling them to ask whether we could join or not. It turned out that they allow to apply for 1-2 days late. The application fee is 500 Baht (17 USD) for a pair. Money will go to the charity for books and libraries in Bangkok.

There were around 280 person attending this event (about 140 pairs). The rewards were judged by accumulated scores from each rally stations which were 5 locations. Our route had started at the field in front of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The 1st point was Wat Saket (Saket Temple). Then we went to Thai Boxing Rajadamnern Stadium where I was quite excited because I have never been there, and I don’t think I will go there by myself after this time. The 3rd place was Bangkok Zoo where we played another game and had lunch. Then we rode a bike to Santichai Prakan Park located near Chao Phraya River. The last location was Saranrom Park and back to the starting point where held a concert and rewarding ceremony.


The time usage was not important as scoring from games in each stations. It was the reason that my friend and I could won the 4th runner-up in this competition. Yeah! I was really glad like I was the winner since I hadn’t expected that much. If the prizes gave priority in period of time, we surely wouldn’t win because my rental bike was not in a good condition. I had to go slowly. Fortunately, the judgement was based on accumulated scores from games in each rally point which I think we had done quite good. Our prize consists of 2000 Baht cash (67 USD), the Gift-set of Sunscreen cream, the 500 Baht (17 USD) Gift Voucher for Spa, and a trophy.


After we got our prize, we ate sweeten bread and milk at Mont Nom Sod, a well-known cafe in Bangkok. I used to often eat there when I was in High school since my school was not far from this place. I think their flavor is not good as when I ate it in the past. Maybe I start to change my habit from eating very sweet dessert to not too much sweet.

Then my friend and I waited for a bus to go to a bus terminal which is located near the Sanam Luang field. We took a wrong bus but it turned out to be a good chance for us to walk across the Sanam Luang. I hadn’t visited this place for quite a long time because it was closed for improvement. The development is really good which turns this giant field to be a relaxing place for Bangkok citizens.

Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

I was impressed by the refreshing view of Sanam Luang. The sun was going down and left a warm light to touch our lives. I thought to myself that today was full of surprises that I had a chance to enter Thai Boxing Stadium, was be able to finish the rally without getting injure or cancelling, won the prize, and walked across Sanam Luang to see the stunning view like this.

Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

What a good day, it is!

Hello, my new Kindle


I still love reading paper books, but it’s hard for me to carry many books with me when travelling. Moreover, I wanted to read books in English language which e-books should be alternative for me. I tried to read e-books on my iPhone, which I think its screen is too small for reading despite being able to finish 8 books on it. Then, I attempted to read books on iPad but it was too heavy to hold all of the time of reading. Besides, its screen’s light was not good for eyes in a long-hour reading. That was why I decided to try eReader, which I chose Kindle for my answer because Amazon agrees to wirelessly sell e-books in Thailand.

I had chosen to buy Kindle Touch by ordering it to be delivered to my friend’s home in Virginia, the US. Since I had plan to visit her in April 2012 so I could bring it back to Thailand. When I firstly held it in my right hand, I just liked its light weight. Then, I loved its screen that was easy to my eyes. After using it during my trip in the US, I totally fell in love with it. After I came back to Thailand, I talked to another friend who really loves reading books. I told her how amazing Kindle is. At first, she didn’t like anything too digital. She like to touch paper when she’s reading books, which I understand her well. However, the convenience of buying, carrying and reading English books were more tempt to her. Therefore, she decided to buy Kindle Touch too. But, she had to ask her friend to help bringing it from USA to Thailand for her.

While Bangkok also has Kindle for buying, the price is quite more expensive than buying it in the US like almost double. So when Kindle Paperwhite has been released in the US back in October 2012, my friend and I wanted to have it. However, neither of us has plan to go to USA in the near future. Fortunately, her colleague had plan to go to the US for visiting his family during Christmas and new year weekend. Therefore, my friend asked him to help taking Kindle Paperwhite when he came back to Bangkok which he kindly agreed to help us. After getting his confirmation, my friend ordered 2 Kindle Paperwhite for both of us around the end of October 2012, and the packages would be delivered to a house of her colleague’s family in New Jersey.

Due to a lot of Kindle demand and the disaster from Sandy, we quite worried about the delivery time that might not meet the schedule of my friend’s colleagues. However, the packages from Amazon arrived his family’s home. My friend could get our Kindle Paperwhite after her colleague finished his vacation and flew back to Bangkok in the beginning of January 2013. I’ve just got my PaperWhite today because my friend went upcountry to meet up and visit her family last weekend. After getting my new Kindle, I registered it with my Amazon account and charged its battery. I downloaded some e-books from Cloud to continue reading on this new Kindle. For my Kindle Touch, I passed it along to my brother and hope that he would love it as much as I do.

From short-time using Paperwhite, I think it is faster and its fonts is much sharper than Touch. Their material and weight are not significantly different. I think I will love it, nevertheless I will use it for a while before coming up with the result. And I believe that this one should be with me longer than the Touch.

a cat at office


One day I walked back to my office from having breakfast at the company canteen, I found this cat laying on the road. I was a bit surprised that there is a cat at my company. The cat who just lie down on the road without hesitation as if this long road belonged to me, the cat.

On the boat

Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

Today I was on leave half day to do a personal matter. I usually take a public transportation if I don’t go to work. This time, I decided to take a boat to drop off at a pier where is located near a sky train station. So I could go to my destination via BTS (sky train). In Bangkok, we have the main river called ‘Chao Phraya River’ which flows from the Northern of Thailand through many provinces. Its destination is the gulf of Thailand. Bangkok has Chao Phraya Express boat for communication via this river. There are 3 types of boat which are:

a. green flag: this boat stops every pier.
b. orange flag: this boat stops some piers.
c. yellow flag: this boat is the fastest of them which stops at less piers than the orange one.

Only the green and orange boats stop at my nearest pier in my home area. I often take the orange one because my destination is quite far. Generally, it takes around 40-50 minutes to reach there. I’m alway a bit nervous whenever I’m on a boat or ship or things that are floating on water. Because I’m not good at swimming so I can’t help myself to look for anything that can help me in case that I might fall into water. Other than that, I like journeys along a river.

I like the time I am on the boat, the weather is usually nice. The Sun always shines as it seems that I’m going to the East. I will directly get sunlight if I sit on the left side. Therefore, I always try to get the seat on the right side. But no matter what side of boat that I sit or stand, I always feel the slowness of life pace. Since the speed of boats is not that fast and up to the direction of water flowing. The boat does have a short stop at each pier, but it’s not the same as when I’ve stuck in bad traffic on a bus or my car. It seems that although the boat moves along the Chao Phraya River in no hurry, it could reach my destination as always.

Short Rambling

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

That line is one of my long-time favoured quotes. It is from one of my favourite films called ‘Moulin Rouge’, directed by Baz Luhrmann. Just once I heard this line while I was sitting in the theatre, I was touched by the accuracy of these words. The clause doesn’t contain long or complex grammar, and it may sound cliché for someone. Nonetheless, for me it can show the truth that lies beneath.

Since that day until now, I thought I’ve already met that person (loved and be loved in return), but unfortunately it didn’t work. Apart from that moment, I believe that it’s hard for me to have some good feelings towards someone in romantic ways. However, every time I start to feel something for someone, the situation would turn out to be either too soon or too late. Like this time when I can see the possibility between us, but regrettably it’s too late. Coming to think about it, perhaps only I can foresee the chances of happiness whereas that person can’t.

My emotion right now is not sad. I am feeling a bit hurt and numb. It’s not about the other person but it’s about me and my mind which I am trying to control. As when I encounter this kind of situation, my mind will keep wandering to visualise things beyond the real one. I don’t like myself when I do something like that. Nevertheless, I am relieved that I always realize where my mind is trying to go and I will stop it. But the thing is that I have to use a lot of energy to perfectly cease it. It is the exhausting task but finally, I know I can do it like I’ve done it before. Like always.

After Dark


“In this world, there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only do with somebody else. It’s important to combine the two in just the right amount.”
― Haruki Murakami, After Dark

English quotes from here.

No Love without Freedom

Before I met Adele, I have found this woman ‘Dido’.

I really love her unique voice.

I bought all of her albums.

I loved all of her songs.

She had disappeared from a music scene for almost 5 years after her 3rd album ‘Safe Trip Home’

Gladly, she’s coming back now with her 4th album with expected release date on 4 March 2013 (Date from iTunes Store).

She just posted her new single on 11 Jan 2013 via Youtube and I just listened to the song ‘No Freedom’.

Only 1st guitar sound of the songs with her floating voice, I fall in love her all over again.

Her voice is very beautiful and the song itself is amazingly awesome.

Its lyrics totally go straight through my heart.

The words genuinely understand me.

Remind me once back then…

Love without trust.

Love without freedom.

Is not Love at all.



The 2nd Saturday of every January is the Children day in Thailand. Google Thailand (google.co.th) also sets the doodle to celebrate this day.


There are many places where hold the entertaining events for Children. When I was a child, my parents rarely brought my brother and me to those kinds of events because those places were too crowded, and I was fine with their decision. Since I’ve got a few chances to participate in those happenings, I could remember one time that I went to this military place and played with a tank. No, I don’t fancy the military stuffs but it was quite exciting for me as a girl back then to play with an armed transportation like that.

Our family didn’t pay much attention to this day because it was just another Saturday for us. We could go or have some fun on other days too. I could say that my brother and I had a genuinely happy childhood. Although our parents were not rich, they tried to give the best opportunities for us in both education and funnily interesting experiences. Yes, sometimes they had to be strict to raise us but I could feel the love and care from them which made me want to be a better person so they weren’t disappointed.

When we were childdren: My brother and I

When we were a little boy and girl : My brother and I

The past moments of joyful happiness sometimes linger in my memory.  To think back when I was a child who looked at the world without complexity. Everything seemed fun and amazing, nothing to worry about. It’s the grateful memory.