Travel theme: Mountains

Tanuki Lake | Fujinomiya | Shizuoka | Japan | 2010

Tanuki Lake | Fujinomiya | Shizuoka | Japan | 2010

May 2010, I was travelling in Japan with my best friend. We really wanted to go to some places where we could clearly see Mount Fuji on one condition that we could travel back and forth from Nagoya in one day. We chose this man-made lake to be where we wanted to go. We kept checking the forecast to select the best weather date to visit that place.

Lake Tanuki-ko is located in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is famous for ‘Diamond Fuji’ which is the scene that rising sun shows itself on the top of Mount Fuji. We went there by taking trains to Fujinomiya station, then walked down to the bus station and waited for a bus at the bus stop number 2. We’ve got time table and details of bus stops from a lady at the bus station, however they were in Japanese language which was not much helpful since I could understand only Katakana and Hiragana. But, it wasn’t hard to go to our destination because Lake Tanuki-ko is the last stop for our ride. During the ride to the place, I learned that we must not stand while a bus is running. I was shouted by a bus driver because I tried to stand and walk to ask him when we should get off.

We went there on a sunshine day and the weather was really great. We walked around and took many photos of Fuji-san. We hoped that the cloud around Fuji-san would go away so we could take a clear view but it didn’t happen. Nonetheless, it gave a good result because we thought that the cloud provided a unique view for Mount Fuji.

We truly enjoyed the time there, and of course we tried to capture the jump for a moment by ourselves. I put my camera on a table and set the timer, then fastly ran to the spot and jumped together with my friend. This was the best photo we could get ;)



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