Daily Prompt: Seconds!

Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten in glorious detail. 

Daily Prompt

I like the topic of today’s daily prompt, and I could come up with three meals that I still remembered the taste and emotion from those moments.

The first one was back in 2008 when my family and I visited my brother in Nagoya, Japan. The trip’s goal was to bring my grandmother to travel in Japan. After taking my grandma to see Cherry blossom in Nagoya, pay respect to Daibutsu in Nara, and see Golden temple in Kyoto. We decided to let her take a rest in Nagoya while we were going to take a look at Takayama, a city located in Gifu prefecture. Takayama is famous for its old town area where many buildings are from the Edo period (1600-1868).

Another well-known thing in Takayama is Hida beef. Of all meat, my favorite choice is beef. Before that time, I had never heard of Hida beef before. I always thought that Kobe beef was the best beef I’d ever eaten. Nonetheless, just one bite from this dish has completely altered my idea forever.  The very tasty Hida beef was so tender like it  just melt in my mouth. Not only beef was so fantastic, but the side dishes also was delicious. That meal was superb and I like to talk about Hida beef to anyone who enjoy beef like me. Unforgettable meal for me.


The second one was still in the same trip in 2008. Before going to Japan, my mom did a research on famous food in Nagoya. This one was also in my mom’s to-eat-list. It was Yamachan‘s fried chicken wings. Despite the fact that I did like eating chicken, I don’t like its skin. But, this fried chicken wings were so tasty, not-oily, and crisp. Our family ate it at my brother’s home after being outside all-day for sightseeing. My dad bought cans of beer to sip whereas I drank a can of soda fruit juice while eating the wings. It was a relax dinner for our family.


Last but not least, this time was way back in 2010 with another time for me in Japan. In the past, I used to not like Sushi as well as wasabi. So I rarely ate Sushi when I visited my brother in Japan. However, my friend wanted to eat real sushi in Japan. We asked my brother to take us to the Sushi restaurant. We walked around 15 minutes to reach there from his accommodation. The restaurant was Sushi train style where we could choose sushi while it was served on a plate via conveyor belt. I was amazed by the variety of Sushi that we could find in that place compared to limitation back in Bangkok. The taste was also good and the price was not expensive. Unbelievably, I turned to like eating Sushi after that meal.