Travel theme: Bridges

I have been there in 1999 for my 1st trip abroad. I didn’t have a chance to walk on that bridge because my mom and I were in a tour group. I didn’t think that I would have had an opportunity to go there again. Fortunately, I had a chance to visit this bridge again while I was on a business trip in USA for 1 month in 2012. It took 13 years for me to be able to stand on this unique bridge again, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge | SFC | USA | 2012

Golden Gate Bridge | SFC | USA | 2012

My colleague and I took one Saturday during our weekend to go to San Francisco. We drove from where we were staying to San Bruno station for taking Caltrain to San Francisco. Then we took a bus that we thought it could take us to the bridge, but it didn’t. We therefore got out of that bus somewhere and started to walk by using our map. While we were walking, I didn’t think we went to the right way. We got lost somewhere and faced the construction site so we had to turn back and tried to find another way.

We walked until we found Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy where we could see the Golden Gate bridge. We were quite disappointed of the scene because there was cloud lingering around the bridge. We kept walking towards the bridge and prayed that the cloud would disappear soon, sadly it didn’t. The best photo that we could clearly see the bridge was as below one.

Golden Gate Bridge | SFC | USA | 2012

Golden Gate Bridge | SFC | USA | 2012

I, myself, really wanted to walk across the bridge, however I wasn’t sure about my colleague. Gladly, she agreed with this idea so we started to walk across the bridge. And I thought we got the reward from our decision because the cloud was lingering on our beginning side, whereas the sky was bright on the other side. We could see the nice blue sky for our destination. A little surprise for me along the walk, I was asked by 3 people to snap their photos on the bridge for them. I recalled that one of them was a guy who had an iPhone with severely cracked display, which it was still working!

Although it was so windy on the bridge , I was very happily walking along the path (Thanks to my Uniqlo jacket that kept me warm, otherwise I may not be able to finish the walk). Despite the fact that we didn’t walk to the end of bridge, I was sill content with this experience.

It was like one of my dreams came true (Another dream was walking on the great wall of China).

I truly enjoyed that moment.

Me on the bridge!

Me on the bridge | thanks to Numfon for taking the photo!

Thanks to Where’s my backpack: Travel Theme for the post inspiration.