Travel theme: Smoke and Mirrors

Usually, I haven’t taken photos of smoke that much. It quite took time for me to explore my travel photos trying to find pictures that would match this week’s travel theme from where’s my backpack?.

Lucky for me that I could find some photos to post here.


Nagoya, Japan, 2008

Nagoya, Japan, 2008

The first one was from when our family took our grandma to visit my brother and travel in Japan. My mom had watched a show on Thailand’s cable TV before we went to Japan. The show was talking about famous restaurants in Nagoya where we would stay with my brother. My mom took a note about those well-known food shops. So the first day that we went to see Sakura (Cherry Blossom), my mom asked my brother to take us to eat at one of  her list of restaurants. This one is Yabaton where is famous for their Misokatsu (pork cutlet with miso sauce). And our family agree to the their fame because all of our ordered dishes were really delicious.


Singapore, 2012

Singapore, 2012

Last year, I went to Singapore to see Sigur Ros concert which was held at Fort Canning Park. Undeniably, concerts normally uses effects on light, sound and smoke to help creating the right atmosphere. This concert also uses the same means to arouse audience to stay connected to the band. It was an exhilarating experience for me.



Tasmania, 2006

Tasmania, 2006

I think water is the great medium to act like mirrors. When I was in Tasmania to study my English language course, I always took my time to travel during weekend. This shot was one of my trips during that time.


Washington DC, USA, 2012

Washington DC, USA, 2012

During April 2012, I’ve visited my best friend who is now living with her husband in the US. She and I went on a road trip from her home in Virginia. Washington DC was my last city before I flew back to Thailand. This shot was the reflection of Korean War Veterans Memorial on the marble wall. I was amazed that marble could provide reflected image for the memorial which looked like a painting.


Tokyo, Japan, 2013

Tokyo, Japan, 2013

My friend and I found this clothes shop in Kichijoji area of Tokyo during my recent trip to Japan in the beginning of Mar 2013. The shop is located in the 2nd floor which there are many mirrors along the stairway. Their decoration is unique and could draw our attention to get to their shop.


Nakasendo Hiking, Japan, 2010

Nakasendo Hiking, Japan, 2010

The last one of mirrors was taken by my best friend (Nanya) during our walks in Nakasendo Hiking. I truly loved this photo because it reminds me of my happiness time during that walk. The weather was great with sunlight but not hot. The trail wasn’t too hard for us and we had chances to walk past the old towns, houses, woods, small road with Sakura pattern on its surface, canal, bridges and more. It was the memorable moments for me.

Marriage Equality


During past few days, I’ve seen some of my Facebook friends’ profile showing the red photos with equal sign as the above picture. I was wondering what was it about? I reckon that it would represent some causes, which I finally knew that it is from HRC.

The U.S. Supreme Court this week met to begin debating the future of same-sex marriage in the United States. To accompany this historic event, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) started urging people on Monday, March 25 to change their Facebook profile pictures to a pink-on-red equal sign to show support for marriage equality.

My Facebook friends who’ve changed their profile are not residing in the US, however I think this campaign can be looked for the world-wide human rights. For Thailand, we haven’t considered this matter as much as some other countries as far as I’ve known. It might be from the fact that we still are the developing country which might need to focus on the other social aspects.

For some reasons, I haven’t altered my Facebook profile’s photo but it doesn’t mean that I don’t support this cause. Because I do, I strongly support the marriage equality. I don’t think I have to tell anyone what my sexual preference is. However, I think I need to say that I’m straight woman in order to get rid of any bias on this subject.

From my standpoint, I always believe in this quote from Moulin Rouge:

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

– Moulin Rouge (2001) –

I always feel happy for people who can find their love/true love, and they want to spend their lives together. I think they are so lucky that they can meet their love one no matter what sexual preference they have. So who am I anyway to tell them that they can’t do what they want to do with their lives? Who am I to judge them?

We are all human, and if I have right to marry another human whom I love, everyone should have their rights as well. For me, my belief’s just simple as that.

I do my thing and you do yours

Quotes and lyrics are one of my favorite reading materials. I sometimes like to read quotes of various topics on the Internet. Besides quotes and lyrics, memorable statements from movies are my things as well such as ‘Love is like the wind‘.

There is one quote that I’ve read it on a book about psychology more than 20 years ago, and it always lies in my mind. It was a statement by Fritz Perls. When I read this quote in a book, I just knew that it was related to psychology. However, I found that it’s related to some therapy after searching for its more information. I haven’t got through anything in that therapy since I just liked the statements because of the meaning.

I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I,
and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.
If not, it can’t be helped.

(Fritz Perls, “Gestalt Therapy Verbatim”, 1969) – Source

The meaning of those words are quite true to myself.


Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

– Asked by Daily Post

I’ve contemplated this question for a while, and my answer turned out to be ‘Never’ as far as I’ve remembered. Actually, I easily get emotional by watching films or reading books so I might shed tears of joy following the characters in those stories. However, I rarely cry because of happiness.

I think my brain just acts straightforward. I cry when I’m sad, and I laugh or smile when I’m happy. It’s simple as that. Anyway, another reason that I’ve never shed tears of joy may come from my usual life, which  might not have particular impressive or touching moments that can lead the tears of bliss.

Travel theme: Time

When you travel, you might want to spend your time doing worthwhile things. But sometimes we also face the pause moment; the moment that we stop and take our time to observe the others who also stop and wait for their time.

Time to go to the other end.

Tokyo, Japan, 2010

Tokyo, Japan, 2010


Time to move on.

London, UK, 2011

London, UK, 2011


Time to get the right moment.

Santa Cruz, LA, USA, 2012

Santa Cruz, LA, USA, 2012

This post is inspired by Where’s my backpack?

Guilty Pleasure

A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, such as campy styles of entertainment. Fashion, video games, music, films, and junk food can be examples of guilty pleasures.


I like Glee, yep Glee the series. I’ve watched all of episodes and owned most of its soundtrack CD albums. I don’t know I can count this as Guilty pleasure or not. And the latest episode of Glee was talking about Guilty Pleasure. I think it was a fun episode and really glad to see their performance of Spice Girls’ Wannebe and Abba’s Mamma Mia.

In additions, I was totally surprised that they covered ‘Creep’ because Radiohead is one of my most favorite bands of all time. Although Creep might be the most well-known song from them in wide area, I’ve never thought that Glee cast would cover Radiohead’s song. But compared to other song from them, this song is the most possible choice from Radiohead for Glee cast.

Being music lover, I don’t think my music favor would embarrass me since I believe that each Musical genre has its own good. It’s up to listeners to choose what they like. However, if I have to choose songs that they don’t quite fall into my usual musical preference; these two songs are the answer. They are from a duo band called Hall & Oats which I tried to listen to their other songs but I didn’t like them as much as these 2 songs: Do it for love and Forever For You.

I won’t do it for money
I won’t do it for pride
I won’t do it to please somebody else
If it don’t feel right

But I’ll do it for you
And at least I’ll try
I don’t need any other reason
Than I feel it deep inside

I’ll Do It For Love

When they ask me how long
I’m gonna love you
If the road to my heart
Will always stay true
I’ll say forever
I’ll say forever for you
When they ask will I stand
Right there beside you
And they don’t see you and me
The way that I do
I’ll say forever
I’ll say forever for you

When iTune store Thailand let us buying songs, the above two songs were among my first orders along with Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen.

I Wish I Could Tell You


I wish I could tell you but I just run and hide
I wish I could tell you but it’s a thorn in my side
If I could find the words to say, maybe this pain would go away
If I could find the words to say, we could move on, we could move on now

After watching Justin Timberlake’s new song, I accidentally came across this video and I was suddenly captivated by her voice, song and obviously her freckles. They look like art and provide her with natural beauty.

Her name is Chlöe Howl who is 17 year old British. Her free Rumour EP album can be downloaded at

Will she look at you?


Painter: Georges de La Tour (1593-1652)

I’ve never known this painter before but when I saw this photo in my aunt’s mobile phone, I asked her to send it to me. I was surprised with humor in it. Because the painting looked quite old which I don’t think that the painters during those old periods would create painting like this.

Sometimes I look at her, I wonder when will she look back at me?

More info of painter: Wikipedia