Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

Daily Prompt

Back in May 2012, when I was at Narita airport waiting in a long line to pass the security control for transit. There was a guy who nonchalantly walked past me and talked to two women who stood in front of me. Then he just stopped and stood there like he was in a queue.

I don’t like people who cut a queue but I usually let them do that. However, this time I think it wasn’t suitable so I asked him whether he knew these women or not. If not, I told him that he should walk back and stood in a queue as other people. He talked back to me and tried to give me his reasons why he wanted to pass this checking as fast as he could. He told me that he needed to take another flight within less than an hour so I told him that he should talk to the airport staff to help him. At first, he seemed angry at me but he finally talked to me in the normal tone. It leaded to some small talk when he just moved to stand behind me. And when he saw that the airport staff opened another track for security checking, he waved me goodbye and swiftly walked to that track.

I admitted that I was quite nervous during the whole time talking to him since I’ve never done something like that. Never to any genders or in my Thai language. It was out-of-my ordinary self that I was talking to that man and in English too. I still don’t know what possessed me at that time to make me boldly act like that. Truly far from my comfort zone.


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