My blog was hacked?

I’m afraid that my WordPress blog has been recently hacked. I didn’t signed out of my blog every time. Today I opened this blog on Google Chrome and I went to the admin page which everything was fine until I clicked to go to the reader page or my blog page in WordPress setting, and I found this below page instead.


No matter what I tried to change browser from Google Chrome to Firefox and IE, I still found that page. It was totally scary for me. So I searched for the solution on the internet and tried the easiest method which is changing my password, so I changed it. I re-logged in my admin page again and clicked to go to the reader and my blog pages. What a relieve -_- the correct one showed.


Actually, I used to meet this situation before with my Thai blog using wordpress plug-in. After that time, I’ve never automatically signed in that blog.  So I think that I will sign out of this blog every time as well. Hopefully, it will help preventing this thing happen again.

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