The Naked and Famous

Since 18 Mar 2013, the Naked and Famous provides us with free download of film “One Temporary Escape capturing their live concert. It comes with three formats which are 720p HD, 1080p HD, and stream via Youtube.

For those who may not know this band, they are a New Zealand post-punk revival.  Some songs in their 1st album ‘Passive me, Aggressive you’ have been featured in American series as well as a TV commercial and film.

I knew this band last year while I was looking for HD videos on Viemo. I found this MV and I’m totally captivated by its music and video. The song is very good and the video is full of creativity. Sound and picture totally match each other.

After watching this video more than ten times, I decided to buy their CD album. I was kind of surprised that it was released in Thailand because it’s not easy to find CDs of this kind of music here. Listening to all of their songs, I’m not disappointed at all. I think they are awesome!

More videos on their channel on Vimeo.

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