Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime


From this week’s challenge, I decided to take photos of my lunch every day from Sat 16 to Thu 21, Mar.

Some of them was cooked by my mom, some was bought from a food shop, some was bought at my company’s canteen.

Soup with Thai meat ball and bean sprout.

Thai spicy salad with water spinach and shrimp.

 Vermicelli stirred fried with egg and Thai asparagus + Chicken fried with dark soy sauce.

Flat noodle stirred fried with dark soy sauce and Chinese kale with egg.

Oily rice with fried chicken.

Stuff Omelet with rice.

Tool: iPhone 4 + Mobile App: ShakItPhoto & Photonia

Plant Nanny

When I participated in this year’s health check-up program at my company, I was told by a doctor that I should try drinking a lot of water. Actually, I used to not like drinking water before but I tried to improve my habit by forcing myself to drink at least a bottle of water (around 500-600 ml). Thus, I’ve changed to like drinking water. However, I tend to forget to drink water when I am busy at my job. So I eagerly installed this mobile app called ‘Plant Nanny’ on my iPhone when my colleague told me about it.

Plant Nanny, Plant for Fun & Health

Plant Nanny combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly.
The cute plant keeps you company every day by living in your phone.
In order to keep it alive and help it grow,
you must give it water at certain periods of time.
– From Plant Nanny

I just installed it 3 days ago and it did help reminding me to drink water. From its calculation, I need to drink water around 2,200 ml per day. I choose my 480 ml Vacuum flask as my drinking bottle. I therefore entered 500 ml container in the app. Then it calculates that I needed to drink 5 times a day.

Every time I finish the whole bottle, I will go to app to water my plant. The nice sound that plays when my plant gets water makes me feel happy. The plant itself is very cute. The app will remind me every 4 hours if I forgot to drink or click watering the plant. This app needs us to be honest with ourselves because it can’t know for sure whether we drink water for real or not. I also get a hard time to finish my flask 5 times a day. Mostly, I try at 4 times.

Right now my plant, which is cactus (there are 3 choices of plant: Cactus, Devil’s Ivy, and Dandelion), has grown bigger and own three flowers. Looked adorable.


The Naked and Famous

Since 18 Mar 2013, the Naked and Famous provides us with free download of film “One Temporary Escape capturing their live concert. It comes with three formats which are 720p HD, 1080p HD, and stream via Youtube.

For those who may not know this band, they are a New Zealand post-punk revival.  Some songs in their 1st album ‘Passive me, Aggressive you’ have been featured in American series as well as a TV commercial and film.

I knew this band last year while I was looking for HD videos on Viemo. I found this MV and I’m totally captivated by its music and video. The song is very good and the video is full of creativity. Sound and picture totally match each other.

After watching this video more than ten times, I decided to buy their CD album. I was kind of surprised that it was released in Thailand because it’s not easy to find CDs of this kind of music here. Listening to all of their songs, I’m not disappointed at all. I think they are awesome!

More videos on their channel on Vimeo.

My blog was hacked?

I’m afraid that my WordPress blog has been recently hacked. I didn’t signed out of my blog every time. Today I opened this blog on Google Chrome and I went to the admin page which everything was fine until I clicked to go to the reader page or my blog page in WordPress setting, and I found this below page instead.


No matter what I tried to change browser from Google Chrome to Firefox and IE, I still found that page. It was totally scary for me. So I searched for the solution on the internet and tried the easiest method which is changing my password, so I changed it. I re-logged in my admin page again and clicked to go to the reader and my blog pages. What a relieve -_- the correct one showed.


Actually, I used to meet this situation before with my Thai blog using wordpress plug-in. After that time, I’ve never automatically signed in that blog.  So I think that I will sign out of this blog every time as well. Hopefully, it will help preventing this thing happen again.

Travel theme: Green

I always wanted to travel around upcountry in England because I would like to see the vividly green panorama views like I’ve seen them in movies that used locations in the UK. So I was really looking forward to seeing that kind of scenery when I went to England in the beginning of July 2011.

This trip was quite a long trip for me since it took around 14 days. My friends and I (four <little> women ^_^) were driving past Cambridge to Bath and back to London during the first 4 days of trip. After that, we traveled in London and took Euro star to Paris.

During our road trip in England, I believed that I’ve fulfilled my expectation of seeing green there.  Starting at a garden in the backyard of house of my friend’s friend where we shortly dropped to get Take That concert tickets.

England, July 2011

England, July 2011

It wasn’t hard to find all of the green along the road when we used GPS in our rented car which tended to direct us to small roads. The advantage of self-driving tour was that we could park our cars and take a time to admire the scene like this.


England, July 2011

England, July 2011

We drove to visit Lavender farm, pass the old town such as Castle Combe, and let ourselves in the tourist spot like Bath and Roman Baths. I was wondering why water there looked so green and it was green like this back in the past or not?

England, July 2011

England, July 2011

The another tourist spot that I wanted to visit was Stonehenge. I remembered the time when I was young that I was amused by the structure of Stonehenge along with its mystery.

England, July 2011

England, July 2011

On the last day before we arrived at London, we visited Windsor Castle. Two of my friends wanted to go inside the castle while another friend and I didn’t. We were therefore hanging around the park near the castle while we were waiting for other two friends to finish their tour. It was raining that day and I thought to myself that this is it, England! Rain and green at the same time.

England, July 2011

England, July 2011

We didn’t have anything to do so we just tried to take different kinds of photos using iPhone apps and my Olympus camera.

England, July 2011

England, July 2011

Certainly, we couldn’t miss the chance to take the jumping photos. We also had prop this time which was our umbrellas.

England, July 2011

England, July 2011

Sorry for my silly jumping posture but I truly liked it. For me,  it was the perfect shot combining with my favorite parts of taking photos: Road/pathway/route, green field and trees, and Jumping. :D

This post is inspired by  Where’s my backpack?

Bye bye Windows Live Messenger

I’ve just heard news about Microsoft phasing out Windows Live Messenger. This comes from the fact that Microsoft has bought Skype and decided to let users change their chat program from WLM to Skype.

Although I haven’t used WLM for a while, I’m a bit surprised with this news. I remembered back then that WLM played important part of my life. It was the tool that provided me with connection with my brother in Japan along with my best friend in USA. Because of it, I didn’t feel like we lost in touch despite living in the different countries. Moreover, I used it as the tool for communication among colleagues during my 2nd job period. I think I had used it for around 10 years since it was MSN messenger. I just stopped using it 2 years ago because I’ve moved to my 3rd job and there are other applications for this kind of connection for example; Line, Facebook Messenger, or Google Chat.

There is a small part in my mind feeling sorry for this merge. Perhaps, it’s about time for WLM to move on as well as its users.

Good Bye Windows Live Messenger. Thank you for everything.

Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

Daily Prompt

Back in May 2012, when I was at Narita airport waiting in a long line to pass the security control for transit. There was a guy who nonchalantly walked past me and talked to two women who stood in front of me. Then he just stopped and stood there like he was in a queue.

I don’t like people who cut a queue but I usually let them do that. However, this time I think it wasn’t suitable so I asked him whether he knew these women or not. If not, I told him that he should walk back and stood in a queue as other people. He talked back to me and tried to give me his reasons why he wanted to pass this checking as fast as he could. He told me that he needed to take another flight within less than an hour so I told him that he should talk to the airport staff to help him. At first, he seemed angry at me but he finally talked to me in the normal tone. It leaded to some small talk when he just moved to stand behind me. And when he saw that the airport staff opened another track for security checking, he waved me goodbye and swiftly walked to that track.

I admitted that I was quite nervous during the whole time talking to him since I’ve never done something like that. Never to any genders or in my Thai language. It was out-of-my ordinary self that I was talking to that man and in English too. I still don’t know what possessed me at that time to make me boldly act like that. Truly far from my comfort zone.

Travel theme: International Women’s Day

My grandparents have 3 sons and 3 daughters. My father is the eldest son. My grandfather passed away while my father was still in the university. My grandmother, who had been housewife for a long time, needed to take care her 6 children by herself. When those children has grown up, it’s time for them to take care their mother.

My aunt took our grand mom to India for visiting Buddha’s sacred places. My dad also wanted to bring our grandma to visit her grandchildren (my brother) in Japan. We got that chance in 2008 and I was the one who was responsible for planning the trip. We hoped that grandma could see cherry blossom, Mt.Fuji, and pay respect to the great Buddha in Nara.

It was raining all day when we went to Nara. However, we still walked to the temple and our grandma could pay respect to the Great Buddha (Daibutsu of Tōdai-ji).

Todai-ji, Nara, Japan, 2008

Todai-ji, Nara, Japan, 2008


We also tried to go to the spot that we used to see the beautiful scene of Mt.Fuji as the background whereas cherry blossom was in the foreground. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy on that day. We could snap some shots before the cloud occupied Mt.Fuji.

Shizuoka, Japan, 2008

Shizuoka, Japan, 2008


We were so glad that the weather was good on other days. The fine weather along with the beautiful cherry blossom lifted up our mood.

Nagoya, Japan, 2008

Nagoya, Japan, 2008

It was really great to be able to see our grandma’s smiling face.

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She & Him are coming soon

While travelling in Japan last week,

I saw this news about one of my favorite bands will come back soon.

Moreover, they just launched a new song for us.

‘Never wanted your love’

Although I haven’t captivated by first time listening to this song,

I still like it…and

Can’t wait to listen to their Volume 3.