Random thoughts from travel #1

  • Going on journeys by myself provides satisfaction for me more than travelling in a tour group around 74%.
  • We are not rich so we travel, but we save money from working hard so we can travel more.
  • The destination for our journey isn’t the single goal in the trip. We can get a lot of things from along the way.
  • Taking photos with attraction’s name is useful when we try to remember where was that in the photos 3 years later.
  • If we have enough money, we should try something unfamiliar that we want to do because we may not get any opportunity again.
  • Getting lost is the nature of travel. It help creating an interesting story of our trip which we can endlessly tell everyone around us after the trip.
  • When we go on a journey, we will be able to spend time with ourselves. It helps us to see the wider world in both our heads and surroundings.