Today’s date is 3-4-56 in Thailand. In addition to knowing Anno Domini (A.D.), we also have our own method to count years. It’s called Buddhist calendar which started counting after Buddha’s death 1 year. This year is 2556 in our Thailand’s calendar which can minus by 543 to be A.D. year (2013). If we write today’s date using Thailand’s calendar, we will get 3-4-56 (Thai numeric = ๓-๔-๕๖) which some of us are kind of excited with this nice orderly number.

Today is not only nice number, but it is also my birthday and my dad’s. I always feel that my birthday is special because I was born on the same date with my dad which is 3 April. However, it is the working day in this year so we haven’t done anything. Our family is planning to have a nice lunch out on the upcoming Sunday. We will eat at one of our favorite restaurants. I’m looking forward to being there with my family.

My dad and me

When I was a child … My dad and me

Happy Birthday to my dad and me – 3 April 2013


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