Today I saw this trailer of Only God forgives, and I was taken by surprise with its soundtrack. I knew that this movie has filmed in Thailand but I hadn’t expected that they would use Thai song as trailer’s soundtrack.

And I think they are thoughtful in the selection of the song because they don’t choose any Thai song that is hit or famous recently, but the song that they choose was released in 1995. It was from Thai band named ‘Proud’ (พราว) which I don’t think the band wants to call themselves ‘Proud’ as the English word. But it should be Thai word with meaning as dazzling, glittering or sparkling. However, that Thai word has the same pronunciation as ‘Proud’ in English.

The song’s title is Ther-Kue-Kwam-Fun (You are a dream), which it was really famous among young generation back then. The album was launched in the significant period of Thailand’s music scene. When young Thai audiences started to perceive different genres of songs besides Pop and Rock.

The song in that trailer isn’t an original version but it is the Music Box version which I think it provides dramatic contrast for pictures.

You are a dream in my mind
A faraway dream
as the star on the sky
Unable to reach

As a flower of hope
Within a great dream
Just you understand
I’m confident

Will try to find an answer
A dream will come true
The love for you from me
No one’s can compare

Just two of us always be together
Forgot to wake up
The dream still haunts
You are always here in my every breath, although you are not here any more.

-Translated from Thai Lyrics by me-

The bold words are the lyrics in the trailer.

8 thoughts on “Proud

  1. Great info. Was trying to find out more about the song in the trailer. Really looking forward to seeing this film.

    – Kit

    • Unfortunately, they disbanded their group after the 1st hit album. As I’ve known, two from their members had the following albums as a single artist.
      – J, Guitarist from the band has released his own album as an artist named Penguin Villa. The album’s name was Going Outside which has the single in the same name, Going outside (
      – Leck, Lead vocalist from the band also has his own albums but I couldn’t exactly find his information. From Thai website that I’ve read, he used the name Leck & Friends to release album called Slalom (I could find the song called ‘The world doesn’t have only two of us’ ).

    • If you’d like to listen to their only album in full, you can listen to this
      It is the full album that also has the above song but in the original version, not music box one.

      The song list (I translated Thai to English)
      1. Because I have you.
      2. Drama
      3. Open mind
      4. Sleepless
      5. Brainless day
      6. You are a dream *
      7. A quarter of a baht
      8. Where
      9. Don’t look back
      10. The way

    • Hi.
      I think it is really hard to find their CD album. I tried to search for it on my regular CD shop website but I couldn’t find it as well. The reason might be from the fact that the album was released a long time ago. I don’t own their album in both CD and cassette too.

      I will try to ask around on Thai web board. I will confirm the answer with you if I get them.

      Thank you for stop-by.

      • Haha yeah I kinda figured that they were hard to find.. I live in the US but I will be visiting both Thailand (Bangkok) & Vietnam around New Years eve for a short time. I will be there with my father because he sometimes stays and studies meditation at various temples but I will be looking forward to searching for old Thai records and I’m hoping I’ll bump into their CD album.

        Even though you don’t have to, I really appreciate your help thanks ;]

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