April Snow

I was amazed by my friend’s photos on Facebook wall today. It was snowing around her home area in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. The reason I was surprised is that I was there back then in April 2012. And I remembered that the weather was fairly good, started to move on to Spring season. It might be too cold for me on some days, but the thought of possible snowing had never came across to my mind.

I took the below photo next to my friend’s apartment on 10 April 2012.

VA, USA, April - 2012

VA, USA, April 2012

Compared to the below photo taken on 4 April 2013 that my friend posted on her Facebook. It wasn’t the same spot but this area was still next to her apartment.

VA, USA, April 2013

VA, USA, April 2013

Photo Credit: Nanya

My friend told me that once in a while snow can happen in April for her home area. However, it unexpectedly happens for this time like no weather forecast.

Some may still deny the situation of climate changes on this Earth, but from my own experience I never doubt about it.


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