One of the good things to be a music lover is that it’s never too late to discover my favourite artists, albums, or songs. And when I meet that certain awesomeness, I would feel like something glowing in my heart while listening to the flowing melodies. Like this time I found Ed Sheeran and his debut album + which was released in September 2011.

He is an English singer-song writer which his debut album was really successful. However, I just got a chance to listen to his songs when Apple had the 12 days free gift-away in last December; and one of the gifts was his 3 Live songs  from iTune Festival 2012. I was totally captivated with those songs especially this song, Small Bump which is about his close friend with the expression of grief over a late miscarriage at five months.

You are my one and only.
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.
Oh, you are my one and only.
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.
And you’ll be alright.

The lyrics are so beautifully sad which almost made me cry in spite of never having that kind of experience.

I was trying to buy his CD album from the store in Thailand by ordering it online. However, his album was out-of-stock for all 3 times that I’ve tried to buy his album together with others. I therefore decided to buy his album from iTune Store Thailand. I just got his album yesterday (16 April) and I am unable to stop listening to his album.

All of the songs in this album are amazing. I felt a small happiness in my mind by only first time listening to all songs. I just let myself floating away with the words and sound. I also think that his voice has an incredible force to convey all of the feeling of the songs to me. I like the whole album.

The below music video (song ‘Lego House’) has just been launched in this month (April 2013) by recording Legos to express the same scene as the original one (Released in October 2011). I think the Legos version is great with the way Legos show their feeling. And yep, the important reason is that I love Legos!

 I’m gonna pick up the pieces,
and build a lego house
when things go wrong we can knock it down


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