On the thumb

I came across this user ‘fosterhunting’ while finding my way back to use Instagram which I’ve created my user and left it there without touching for a while. However, I decided to give it a go so I tried to search for people whom I want to follow by using hashtag for something that I’m interested in. I am currently following 36 users which some of them are my friends (outside the Instagram world).

I usually access Instagram app once a day or two and scroll down to see updated photos from my following users. I mostly like what I see from fosterhunting. I think the photos are showing his signature like I could tell whose photos are from by just looking at the shade of colours while no need to see the user name.


And I just happened to find more about this user outside Instagram and it turned out that he also has Facebook Page, Twitter, and his own website ‘a restless transplant‘.


A Restless Transplant is a photo blog I (Foster Huntington) started in 2008. I am currently traveling around North America in a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro camping and surfing.
It’s a bit surprised for me to know more about fosterhunting than just the Instagram user. He left his job in 2011 and took a trip for surfing and camping by driving around the West (where I think it is the west of US).

His photos can be seen more on his Instagram webpage http://instagram.com/fosterhunting and I think they are pretty amazing. For me, I feel calm every time I look at his photos. They look subtle and minimalist. Less is more…



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