The mountains and the fishbowl

Today I’m a bit surprised by one comment and one pingpack about nominations. Firstly, one comment from the mountains whom I always recall him as a rocky ranger but actually he is frontrangescribbles. He kindly nominated me in the WordPress Family Award. I think he is one of the first WordPress bloggers whom I have had chances to communicate via blog posts since the beginning of my blog. He has just started his own radio show on the internet. I haven’t had an opportunity to listen to his radio show but I listen to his recommended artists who are quite interesting.

Another nomination is from the fishbowl whom I tend to remember as a goldfish, however the real name is Fish of Gold. She nominates the last 15 person who have provided her with comments on her posts. I was glad to be one of them with my comment on this hilarious anatomy of a night’s sleep. Speaking of the nomination, I’m not sure what I suppose to do exactly but it seems that I can choose to give the answers for her 11 questions, which I think it’s kind of fun to give it a try. So here I am the answer for the goldfish, oops no Fish of Gold’s questions:

1. If you haven’t already sent your email address to Not Quite Alice to participate in her story (at the link above), why not?

Ahh, I’m not sure … might try to find out why not …

2. What’s your favorite swear word? If you don’t swear, why are you reading FOG?

I don’t think I swear much but if I do, I mostly swear in Thai (my language).

3. Would you rather have a unicorn or a fire-breathing dragon?

A fire-breathing dragon.

4. What did we do before you had the internet? Really, I don’t remember.

I kind of remember that I might read a lot of books and watch many TV programs.

5. Link one of your favorite blog posts and tell us why it’s your favorite.

I’m not sure whether I can choose my own post or not but I’d like to take advantage on this, may I? So I’d like to choose A stranger’s words which I recalled my memory about the power of stranger’s words.

6. Do you publish blog posts right after you write them or do you let them stew for a while?

Publish once I’m ready. I don’t like to let them being drafts for too long.

7. Do you have a nickname? What’s it mean?

In my country (Thailand), most of us has nickname because our first names are usually long so it’s not easy to be called in our first name basis. My nickname in Thai word means cotton in English language.


8. If you could have a theme song play whenever you walked into a room, what would it be?

It would be great if I could have the x-file theme.

9. Where do you live and what time is it there?

I live in Thailand which is located in South East Asia. Time at this moment is 09.09 PM.

10. Whats your favorite animal?

I like both cats and dogs but I have a dog. I also like sheep and pig.

11. If you were Tawny Kitaen back in the day, would you date this dude?

To be honest, I don’t know both of them but my answer is no because I don’t fancy guys with long hair. Just my preference.

Thank you to both of them for mentioning my blog in their post. Truly appreciate :)

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