Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

I spend most of my free time in my bedroom when I won’t go outside so I choose to talk about my bedroom’s wall. The 1st wall decoration that I’ve got is the wall painting above my bed. It was painted by my father’s friend whose name is Sherry Masters. She painted my bedroom’s wall when she visited our family back in 1998. I asked her to draw a opening window for me to look out at the herd of sheep in the green field.

My father knew her when he was in Cincinnati, Ohio for training. After he came back to Thailand, he still kept in touch with her. Unfortunately, when time has passed they haven’t contacted with each other for quite a long time. However, I just searched for her name on Google due to curiosity for this post and I could find her website. I therefore told my father about her website in case he would like to take a look at it when he is online.


The next one is the poster from my favorite Thai band called ‘Moderndog‘. It is the promotional piece for their 4th album which I like how it looks as the old-fashion oil painting.

Another item is my travel photo board as when I firstly had an idea for it, I want to have the touch of Polaroid on my photos so I tried to find any application or program to make that happens. Eventually, I bought app called ‘ShakeItPhoto‘ from Apple app store and used it to add frame and filter for my photos. Copied them to a CD and printed them out at the shop. After that, I cut them to be in the size of Polaroid.

Just me standing in the field of lavender posting with two fingers  (^_^)v

Just me standing in the field of lavender posting with two fingers (^_^)v

The last one is a photo in frame from my best friend as a birthday gift for me in 2012. It is the magnificent photo of Verona, a city in Italy, during raining. It has been taken by her husband who is very good at photography.

The photo is like this. I love it.

Photo credit: Pongsak Luangaram | Italy 2012

Those are my bedroom wall decoration in reply to the Daily Prompt

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?