16 years later

Travis is a Brit-pop band from Glasglow, which their first album was released 16 years ago. My best friend lent me the cassette tape as her recommendation for me to explore many bands from UK. I didn’t feel click with the 1st one. When the 2nd album ‘The Man Who’ has been out which I borrowed another tape from my best friend again. I didn’t like all of songs in that album, but there was one song I repeatedly listened to. Driftwood‘s lyrics seemed to match that certain period of my life after graduation from University. The time I was confused where in the world should I go.

You’re driftwood floating underwater
Breaking into pieces, pieces, pieces
Just driftwood hollow and of no use
Waterfalls will find you, bind you, grind you

I was in love with their 3rd album ‘The Invisible Band’ which in my opinion, all of the songs were perfect. And this time I bought the album by myself (^_^”). The 4th album was fine but it couldn’t reach the awesomeness of its predecessor. I really want to love their albums so I got my hope up when I initially heard their 1st single from the 5th album. The song was called ‘Closer‘ which I believed I listened to it more than 100 times after it has been launched. I also attended their concert in my hometown which I was very impressed with their performance and courtesy.

Only the 6th album released in 2008 that I didn’t listen to. Anyway, 5 years has past and they are coming back with their 7th work which they just posted their single for us. The song is called ‘Where you stand’ same as the album name.

Fran (Vocalist) looks much older same as everyone else in Travis and so am I. Fran’s voice still warms my heart especially when he sings in head tone. Although the song conveys the calmness, their music video has something bizarre and it has the touch of Travis. I’m not sure whether I will love this latest one or not. However, from the 1st single I could make sure that they are still great at their composed words which are pleasant and meaningful.