Yesterday, I was purring

Despite never owning a cat, I think I’m quite obsessed with this prideful creatures. I liked looking and taking photos of them whenever I’ve got opportunities. I also love to buy things related to them. Therefore, I quite have many items of them.

Yesterday (4th May), I went outside to start the 1st session of water color painting classes. I didn’t plan to purr (ah-huh), but it began with t-shirt and then bag. They were followed by watch and earrings.

Besides those stuff I wore yesterday, I had this book in my bag too. It was about the God of cats called Pandada which is written by the same cartoonist as this book series, ‘When my head turns to be a melon‘. Didn’t have a chance to read it yesterday so I just finished it today. Loved it!

god of cats


In additions, I created the video about the sleepy cats for A word a week challenge – sleep as I posted in the previous blog. Moreover, I added my purring with the new cover photos for my Facebook timeline adapted from the below photo.



After my yesterday’s full of cats, I felt a bit guilty for our Shih Tzu (Kookkai) so I tried to spend my time with her while visiting our grandma today. Taking her to see the sea for the first time and ran about 2 minutes for a few photos (It was one of furiously hot days in Thailand so 15 minutes outside could burn you and your dog too).

Thanks to my brother for this shot.

Thanks to my brother for this shot.


7 thoughts on “Yesterday, I was purring

  1. Love this post. I have met so many people that collect cat things. My girlfriend is into owls and has so many necklaces and keychains with them. People’s love for animals definitely goes way beyond the actual pet.

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