Nature in our hands

The 1st Monday of month for the iPhonegraphy Challenge is Nature. I used this set of photos to represent Nature.

Yesterday, our family visited my grandma at her home in Chonburi. We talked to her and then went to market to buy seafood. After we came back to her home, I saw her walking back to the terrace and holding some flowers in her hands as she just plucked them from her small garden.

They were Lunthom or Leelavadee (Plumeria) and Mali (Jasmine).

Lunthom is the name we called Plumeria in Thai. Because Lunthom sounds like Ra-Thom in Thai word which means sad or sorrow, so those who own authority has tried to change the name from Lunthom to Leelavadee. Thus, people will feel comfortable to plant them in their house without worrying about the unfortunate definition. However, we still call them in both names.

My grandma would like to put them in a thin wood stick so she could arrange them in a vase. This is the way she could see their beautiful color before they wither.


Behind the shots:
Shots: iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic app

  • 1st and 2nd photos used Lens ‘Jane’ with Film ‘Blanko Freedom 13’
  • The 3rd one was shot by Lens ‘Tinto 1884’ with Film ‘D-TypePlate’

Re-sized: EverClipper

Credited: Labelbox


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