Post no 202

This is the post no 202 on my blog. It’s quite unbelievable that I can keep posting every single day as I promised myself at the beginning of this blog. As someone might read my About page, one of the reasons I started this blog is to practice my English writing skill. Although I began to study English language since I was in the elementary school, I’m not an expert in English writing and speaking compared to other two skills (reading and listening).

For English writing in this blog, sometimes I knew what I mistakenly wrote but sometimes I don’t. Believe it or not, as far as I’ve known Thais mostly struggle with a/an/the as we tend to forget putting them in our writing and speaking. I think the missing determiner in our English speaking/writing comes from the fact that we can’t remember some of uncountable/countable nouns. In additions, we are quite confused with all of those tenses because we don’t have to alter our Thai verb according to past, present ant future. For example, if I talk about my favorite artists whom I still love, but my comments are related to the past experiences so which tense I should use. That is just one example.

There were some errors with my past posts that I left them as that for a while although I’ve already been aware of the incorrect lines.


The 1st statement comes from ‘When my head turns to be a melon‘ which I use the word neither following with or. It’s incorrect because neither should be followed by nor for that context.

The missing determiner plays a part in the 2nd one. I’ve already put ‘a’ in front of Buddhist but I forgot to use ‘a’ for religious person.

I’m a bit unhappy with myself for the last incorrect one because it’s the title post, and I shouldn’t easily make that mistake. Since it’s not too difficult to know that we should use ‘was’ instead of ‘am’ when talking about the past (yesterday) so it should be ‘Yesterday, I was purring‘.

After publishing this post, I will correct those wrong words/tenses.

In spite of writing wrong grammars/word choices/word order/etc sometimes; I still believe that the more I read, the more I should be better in my writing. And the more I try to think before write them down, my English writing skill should have been improved as well.

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